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March 25, 2015

This Is What Happens When You Cosplay as an Adult

Things change when you get older: your weight fluctuates, you have more money but less time, and you generally find […]
March 25, 2015

Molly, Ecstasy, MDMA: Learn the Differences

From Miley Cyrus to Hollywood hits, Ecstasy is again making its way to the popular mainstream. But do you know […]
March 24, 2015

National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

Chocolate covered raisins are generally most appreciated as a concessions snack at the movie theater, but if you’ve been hoping […]
March 24, 2015

Gun Safety: 5 Steps to Ensure Your Gun Doesn’t Kill Anyone

People today are so afraid of guns killing people, which is kind of insane, considering that guns are not capable […]
March 24, 2015

What’s Your Character Archetype?

For those of us who paid attention in Psych 101, Carl Jung’s 12 character archetypes may sound familiar. Defined as […]
March 23, 2015

Solar Roadways: The Key to a Brighter Future or Just Plain B.S.?

Solar roadways: The idea almost sounds laughably like science fiction, but the reality may be closer than you think. One company […]
March 23, 2015

The Top 5 Games to Get Laid In [NSFW]

There’s something simply fascinating about sex. Whether you like to have it, talk about it, read about it, or fill […]
March 23, 2015

The Truth Behind Your Candy Crush Addiction

Mobile games have started to take over as a prevalent part of today’s society. Long gone are the days of […]
March 20, 2015

5 Alien Abductions Stories That Will Make You Believe

Extraterrestrial Abduction Day (cue the X-Files intro music) started with a festival in Toronto, Canada in 2008. The original festival was […]
February 9, 2015

30 Amusing Gifts For Star Trek Fans

Got a Trekkie in your life?  Are you the Trekkie?  Here are 30 awesome, hilarious Star Trek items circling around […]