11 Signs You’re More than Good in the Bedroom

Gentlemen, when it comes to pleasing your lady you can’t just assume that you’re good in the bedroom; even if she isn’t explicitly suggesting otherwise. Girls are known to fake if from time to time and it’s not because she’s trying to mess with your ego, more likely she’s trying to protect it.

It can take a little more work for the woman to reach the final destination, but here are some signs that you’re actually on the right track.

1. She’s Shaking

If you’ve got your woman trembling you’re doing something very, very right. That’s an involuntary reaction like getting the chills or sneezing, except more fun.

2. She’s Quite Wet

It doesn’t necessarily mean that a woman isn’t into it when her nether reasons don’t immediately light up, but if they do there’s no better sign that she’s truly ready to go.

3. Her Eyes Go Unfocused

Don’t get caught being like a creepy stare down detective here or anything, but when she’s really in the throws of ecstasy her eyes will become unfocused for a bit and give her that good old blurry faced look.

4. She Asks You to Do That Thing You Did Last Time

No woman is going to ask for a specific replay of one of your many creative moves unless she really liked it. What are you waiting for, do it!!

5. She’s Gasping

Most women can successfully pull off the requisite moans and groans to make you think she’s having a good time, but if she gasps like her air is cut off that’s most likely because something good is happening.

6. Her Vaginal Walls Contract

During an orgasm the walls of the vagina contract, which you might be able to feel depending on what you’ve got in there and how you’re feeling at that moment. Think of it as a latching on that proves you did something right.

7. She Will Tense Up


That old “dead fish” comparison is a silly one for a couple reasons, but one being that if she’s feeling it she won’t be able to stay so calm. Some muscles somewhere are going to tense up like they’re preparing for a moment of impact. Imagine curling toes, pulsing thighs, and clawing hands.

8. Her Skin May Change

Post orgasm some women develop a reddish flush from the blood flow in the chest area called vasocongestion, while others break out into the goose bumps. Like a sexy chameleon by your side.

9. She Starts Speaking a Foreign Language

Gibberish is foreign right? At the point of orgasm some people aren’t called to speak at all, but if they are it’s usually a hot mess of verbal forthcomings. (Probably not whispery porny lines, sorry.)

10. She’s Very Sensitive Post Orgasm

For most women, after an orgasm the clitoris becomes extremely sensitive, sometimes to the point that stimulation is almost unbearable. Remember that time you cried in a tickle fight? Like that. This varies person to person, but if you head down there after an alleged orgasm there should be a response of some sort.

11. She Keeps Coming Back For More

Let’s be honest, even the best intentioned, most in love couple in world won’t be jumping each other all day everyday unless the sex is top notch.


Look out for these signs to know for sure your lady is pleased, and let us know if you have any other tricky ways of telling!



Kate Ferguson
Kate Ferguson
Kate Ferguson is a Los Angeles local and freelance writer for a variety of blog and magazine genres. When she's not writing, the UC Davis graduate is focused on pursuits of the entertainment industry, spin class, and hot sauce. Follow her for updates (and the occasional joke) on Twitter @KateFerg