Dubai’s 2014 New Years Eve Fireworks Broke Records!

New Years Eve 2014 was a groundbreaking year for fireworks displays. Dubai took home the title for the world’s biggest fireworks display in history, exploding the entire cityscape in a choreographed massively unbelievable fireworks show. They shoot the fireworks off the tops of all the buildings in the city, including one of the world’s tallest buildings, leaving the fireworks towering over the landscape as high up as a nuclear mushroom cloud.

You have to check out the video below and see for yourself to believe it.

For another incredible fireworks display, check out the scene last year in Manilla, Philippines, as it seems just about everyone in the city took part in blasting off as many fireworks as possible. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Check out the video below!







Ryan Tindrick
Ryan Tindrick
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