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We produce high quality content in a variety of relevant areas ranging from lighthearted “best of” articles to serious journalistic pieces on breaking news topics. We publish new articles seven days a week through a dedicated team of regular authors. We constantly scan the internet and reach out to new contributors for fresh ideas.

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Our audience is primarily 25-34 year-old working professionals. Movies, TV shows, news, and online reading are their primary sources of entertainment. Many of them are busy with work and use dating services to connect with potential matches. They are invested in their career and often visit employment related sites. Some of our audience is also seeking out real estate services as they may be moving for their next big job. Our readers like to stay well informed about technology, social issues, and pop culture. They have buying power and might just be your perfect target audience for your website, app, book, or other tech product.

Article Cats averages more than 61,000 sessions every month, with more than 55,000 unique visitors every month. More than 67% of our audience comes from their mobile device.

18-24: 21.28%
25-34: 34.43%
35-44: 20.78%
45+:    23.50%
Male:     47.5%
Female: 52.5%
Market Affinity
TV Lovers: 5.73%
Movie Lovers: 5.66%
News Junkies & Avid Readers: 5.19%
Shutterbugs: 3.72%
Music Lovers: 3.71
In-Market Segments
Employment: 6.73%
Dating Services: 6.00%
Real Estate: 4.61%
Education: 2.02%
Home and Garden: 1.93%

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