Man with Down Syndrome Takes Bodybuilding by Storm

Most of us have talked about getting in shape at one time or another. Yeah, it would be totally possible to get up and go for a run, eat a salad instead of that frozen pizza, or perhaps even just cut back on all those sweets. Still, most people never really take action, making excuse after excuse as to why they can’t reach their fitness goals. Well, a recent internet sensation, Collin Clark, is putting you all to shame; and his list of excuses could easily outweigh yours.

The Story of Collin Clark

Just one year ago, 22-year-old Collin Clark was completely out of shape. He worked at the front desk of his local gym and on the surface didn’t have much to offer beyond that. Born with Down’s Syndrome, no one really expected much more, either. Of course, Clark had much higher ambitions than just working at the front desk in a gym. Instead, his eyes were set there on the gym floor. When personal trainer and professional bodybuilder Glenn Ubelhor started coming to his gym, Clark paid close attention to the more experienced man’s movements. He watched every exercise and afterwards worked to imitate them.

Shortly after discovering this, Clark and Ubelhor became friends, with the veteran bodybuilder offering to train this enthusiastic young competitor. Though he was woefully out of shape, he moved forward without fear or hesitation, ready to pursue a dream that he had for all his life. Following a strict diet and rigorous exercise routine, he began his journey of preparation.

Pursuing his Bodybuilding Dreams

After shedding 60 lbs and making a drastic transformation in both his body and mind, Collin Clark entered the Kentucky Muscle Bodybuilding Championship, which took place in Louisville. Thanks to his hard work and training regimen, he was able to place fifth. His enthusiasm about this accomplishment appears to be enough to propel him forward and reach for new goals.

Competition Results

While he might not have taken home first prize, the fact that he was able to get up on stage with all of these other bodybuilders is quite an accomplishment in itself. If Clark can keep up his ambition going forward, it would not be surprising in the least to see him taking home some of those top prizes. After all, he has only been seriously training for a single year and many of these competitors have devoted much more time to the contest. Regardless of how well he places though, the amount of hard work and dedication should never be dismissed. He saw what he wanted and he worked for it with vigor and tenacity, a feat that anyone can learn from.

Do you think Collin Clark has a future in bodybuilding? What excuses do you have that are keeping you from getting fit?



Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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