It seems the whole world has become aware of this phenomenon overnight while millions are actually playing it. But, what is it? An invasion from a parallel universe like the Body Snatchers? Or a cold war mind control operation from Project Ultra to turn all of us into brainless automatons? Or my favorite: Nintendo’s latest plan to take over the world? There might be some truth to all of them. But first, a Pokemon Go primer.

What Is A Pokemon?

Pokemon is a scrunched up version of Pocket Monster that first appeared a little over 20 years ago. It was in a CCG or collectible card game and in several video games. The idea is to capture or collect as many Pokemon as you can. Pokemon Go is an updated version of that concept.

Where Can You Find A Pokemon?

Everywhere. Literally everywhere including your neighbor’s backyard, the grocery store or even the police headquarters. It is your job to go out into the world and find them. But the tricky part is you can’t see them… unless you download the Pokemon Go free app from Nintendo that lets you see the Pokemon through your smart phone’s camera viewer. The app uses your phone GPS to locate where you are in the world and the phone’s clock to log when you are there. It will then let you know if there are any Pokemons nearby by showing them as they pop up on the phone’s screen.

What Do You Do With A Pokemon?

Simple. You must capture them with a Poke Ball. All it takes is a swipe on your phone to send the Poke Ball out and capture the Pokemon. If you don’t know what swiping means, ask your nearest grandchild. Just don’t hand them your phone. You might never get it back.

Where Do I Find Poke Balls?

PokeStops are you one stop shop for Poke Balls. So where are the PokeStops? Pokemon Go displays them on the map in your phone. They are almost everywhere like a Pokemon but these are marked destinations you can travel to. Once there, you can gather Poke Balls to capture Pokemon and Poke Eggs that can grow into your own Pokemon. You can also spend money to pick up other items that will help you locate Pokemon or lure them to you.

What Do I Do With A Pokemon?

Now that you have one, you can make it grow stronger or even evolve. Your Pokemon will fight battles for you that involves more swiping and even some tapping. The stronger and more evolved your Pokemon becomes, the harder it is to defeat and you can become a Pokemon Go champion

What Kinds Of Pokemon Are There?

There are 151 different Pokemon to be found in Pokemon Go. Which ones you find depends on where you are and when you visit the location. If you are in a meadow, you will find more grass or bug types. If you are at the coast, you will find a lot of water-based Pokemon. If you are out at night, you can find faeries and ghosts.

Are There Any Problems?

Yes. A small amount of people are becoming so addicted to this game that they are not paying attention to the real world around them. While they walk around scanning for Pokemon through their phone, they forget to look up when crossing the street. There have even been reports of people playing Pokemon Go while driving their car.

It also uses up your phone’s battery power  faster than normal because your phone is on all the time. And robbers have actually set up fake PokeStops to lure victims. Another problem is players going everywhere… even places that they are not supposed to… to find Pokemon. It makes you wonder how many Pokemon might be hiding in the Pentagon or the White House? I have a feeling someone playing Pokemon Go will eventually find out.

But on the good side the amount of activity Pokemon Go has initiated is amazing. Thousands of people are out and about walking and hiking in order to find their next elusive Pokemon.

I do have to admit that it would be cool to look over to your right and see a Pokemon sitting on the bus seat next to you.


Have You Played It Yet?