9 Most Insane Christmas Light Displays

Going over-the-top can be a good thing, especially when it comes to Christmas light displays. Every year there are more and more houses and neighborhoods getting all decked out for the holidays and sometimes a little friendly competition is involved. Some families have made a tradition out of Christmas light viewing and maybe this year you will too.

Here are nine of the coolest light displays we’ve found:

Rocky Mountain Light Show

Visitors walk through a snow-covered maze at the Von Hollen family house in Central Alberta. Almost 80 inflatable figures welcome you as you gawk at many flashing stars, Santa figurine lawn lights and lit trees. This could definitely pass for a legit Winter Wonderland.

Gangham Style Christmas Fountain Valley Christmas

When watching this video one might wonder how this house does not explode from the number of lights radiating from every imaginable surface. This Fountain Valley home shoots off bright enough multi-color lasers into the sky that I’m assuming their neighbors must purchase black out curtains for their windows for the Christmas season. Take note of the guys doing the dance in the driveway

13 Houses Synchronized to Little Drummer Boy

This video shows what happens when thirteen homes come together and sync their lights to the tune of Little Drummer Boy. The folks of Bainbridge Circle in Murrieta, CA come together every year to put together a light show that proves there’s still a sense of community and a neighborhood that could rival a scene from any Hallmark Christmas movie.

Dueling Jingle Bells

I actually had the pleasure of seeing this light display one year as I was driving through Oklahoma to get to Arkansas. Now in their 8th year, this video from 2010 showcases what the Downs family from Norman, Oklahoma is capable of doing each year during Christmas time.

Christmas Can Can

This hilarious light display showcases four singing Christmas trees as they parody the American tradition of planning for Christmas since October. This has to be one of my favorites.

X-Treme X-Mas (Dubstep Mix)

Dramatic music accompanies twinkling foliage and a house with eaves that light up one at a time in equally dramatic fashion. The drama certainly builds up to lots of flashing and bumping, enough to make you think of techno and a DJ spinning a track.

Star Wars Themed Light Show

A California music teacher has synchronized 100 thousand lights to match songs from the famed Star Wars movies. You’ll get dueling light sabers, a super cool segment dedicated to the scene from the cantina and enough momentum to get you even more excited for next year’s movie release.

Frozen Christmas Lights

What little girl isn’t completely obsessed with Frozen and the song Let It Go? I haven’t seen this movie yet, but I have nieces who are infatuated with it. This light display radiates elegance and will have every adult singing Let It Go.

Star Trekin’ Star Trek

This house uses every inch of space to show off over 26 thousand LED lights that have been choreographed with Star Trek music. The music is a little wacky, but I think that’s what makes this display so unique and a bit comical.

We hope you and your family have been able to create some new traditions this year and that you were able to view some pretty amazing light displays.

Let us know of your favorite light displays from around your neighborhood!



Jeannette Swanson
Jeannette Swanson
A California native, Jeannette wishes there were a Dunkin Donuts on every block. You may find her flipping through numerous craft magazines or surfing Pinterest for pins she wishes she had time to test. Follow her on Twitter @jromeswan