5 Craziest Vintage Toys for Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

With Christmas literally right around the corner, there’s probably a good number of us who are scrambling to find that one perfect gift that will make the recipient think you put a lot of thought into the gift purchasing process. If you’re anything like me and still need to make some purchases, why not be unique and purchase a gift that will have everyone talking this Christmas.

For your entertainment we’ve scoured the Internet to find five of the craziest vintage toys available online and without further ado here they are:

Milky the Marvelous Milking Cow

Kenner Toys released this marvelous milking cow in 1977 as a promotional tool to accompany a cereal by General Foods. You’d first have to pump the tail to allow her to collect water from a bucket beneath her mouth before you’d be able to move the bucket beneath her udders and begin the milking process. Milky would produce a milk-like substance, but many did not ingest because of its cloudy nature.

God-Jesus Robot

Japan is known for producing unique, kooky toys and that most definitely applies to this God Jesus Robot. Sold in the 1980s by Bandai, this robot brandishing a Christian cross will answer your questions in Magic 8-ball fashion. With this little robot though you might feel more compelled to ask some of the more ground-moving questions of life.

Playmobil Hazmat Disposal Figurines

The competitor of Lego often displays its quirky sense of humor and marketing technique with toys like the Hazmat Disposal Figurines. Children are not often included in conversations about nuclear waste, but they’ll be able to practice safe cleanup techniques as they help these green suited guys use their brush and vacuum.

Little Miss No Name

This pan handling little girl from 1965 is prevalent on eBay should her alien eyes and tear drop appeal to you. This Hasbro doll could be the toy that replaces coal this year or the reminder that some children/people really do have it worse than you.

The Bristlebot

This just may be the strangest vintage toy of the year because I can’t think of one child that would ask for a toy toothbrush with a small motor affixed to the top. However, that’s why this toy made the list. This stocking stuffer may vibrate across the floor a day or so before the fascination runs out, but it could double as a conversation piece year round with new house guests.

These five stocking stuffers could turn into the main event this Christmas and are far more unique than anything you’ll pick up last minute at Wal-Mart of any other large retailer. Even if these toys arrive in time for New Years, you’ll be able to say you’re starting off 2015 with a unique, fresh perspective on gift giving.

Do you think you’ll be adding any of these to your Christmas list?



Jeannette Swanson
Jeannette Swanson
A California native, Jeannette wishes there were a Dunkin Donuts on every block. You may find her flipping through numerous craft magazines or surfing Pinterest for pins she wishes she had time to test. Follow her on Twitter @jromeswan