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January 11, 2016

Cryonaut: The World’s Longest ‘Living’ Human?

Wrinkles aren’t an issue for the world’s longest “living” human because, well, he’s frozen. Dr. James Bedford has been cryopreserved […]
January 4, 2016

It’s Not NBD, It’s National Bird Day

January 5 is here, which means so is 14th Annual National Bird Day! Birds have long inspired us with their […]
January 3, 2016

January 4 is National Spaghetti Day: Check the Reasons You Should Celebrate

  If you need one more reason to keep carb loading after the holiday season, January 4 is National Spaghetti […]
December 29, 2015

Determination for Conservation: Wildlife Efforts Across the Globe

The Zoological Wildlife Foundation, sourced in Miami, Florida, is a leading organization in wildlife conservation, particularly white lions. Humankind has […]
December 25, 2015

Origin Stories Christmas Editon: Trees, Candy Canes, Carols, and Other Christmas Traditions

  It’s that time of the year again, when Christmas songs blare from car speakers, red and green adorns shop […]
December 18, 2015

Super Mario World Transit Maps Make the Commute an Adventure

You may not be able to ride Yoshi to work, but just like Mario, you can use a “Super Mario […]
December 11, 2015

The Rise of Technology in Estonia

In 1991, Estonia regained its independence from the Soviet Union, but the battle to a new age had just begun. […]
November 30, 2015

Organic is the New Black

Long before the US Department of Agriculture started regulating the use of the word “organic” in 2002, people were already […]
November 29, 2015

Are Millennials Really More Thankful This Time of Year?

Millennials have been called many things, but would you expect ‘grateful’ to be high on the list? Believe it or […]
November 22, 2015

Asexuality: People Who Just Don’t Love Sex

Significant research on asexuality is barely a decade old, but asexual people are beginning to find their voice as a recognized orientation. Being […]