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March 29, 2015

Ignore These 3 Common Weight Loss Tips

When it comes to losing weight, everyone has an opinion. Whether it’s the latest diet fad, exercise craze, juice cleanse, or […]
March 29, 2015

8 Signs You Could Have a Gluten Intolerance

Lately, gluten has really been getting a bad rep. It seems like every time we turn around manufacturers are developing a […]
March 28, 2015

How Alternative News Sites Are Blowing Up the Internet

Who has the time anymore to sit down and watch the news on TV? For that matter, who has time […]
March 27, 2015

5 Encouraging Fitness & Weight Loss Motivational Quotes

Being healthy and fit is fun in theory, but from time to time we all need a little help keeping […]
March 27, 2015

8 Strange Medical Conditions

We’re all familiar with what it feels like to have a cold, the flu, or even a more serious illness […]
March 27, 2015

How to Take Better Photos With Your Camera Phone

How many times have you pulled your mobile phone out of your pocket to snap a photo of a memorable […]
March 26, 2015

What Does Your Handshake Say About You in Bed?

Nothing says more about a man than his handshake. Within moments of meeting someone, you’ve let them know if you’re weak, […]
March 26, 2015

13 Things Women Think About During Sex

Whether it’s the best of times or the worst of times, occasionally a girl’s mind is going to wander during […]
March 26, 2015

3 of the Strangest American Driving Laws Involving Animals

Getting stuck in traffic is really stressful. Throw animals into the mix and there’s bound to be chaos. Good thing […]
March 25, 2015

5 Things To Know About Cancer and BRCA Gene Testing

News broke yesterday that Angelia Jolie chose to have both ovaries and fallopian tubes, which follows after having both of her […]