Got a Trekkie in your life?  Are you the Trekkie?  Here are 30 awesome, hilarious Star Trek items circling around online. Prepare yourself for Tribble stuffed plushies, DIY “Bake It So” oven mitts, an Enterprise blowup pool float. Resistance is futile to highly illogical items.


 1. Klingon Pleasures Shirt

Klingon ridges look like mountains. Naturally there’s a mashup of Joy Division’s “Pleasures” album and Worf.

 2. Pon Farr Fragrance

Ah, the musky smell of insane lust.

 3. Star Trek TNG Species Shooter

Read emotions at Betazoid level, become an (oh so pleasant) all-powerful being of the universe as Q, or assimilate all knowledge and grow machine parts as a Borg. #Goals

 4. Star Trek Spock Crew Sock With Ears

Channel the Greek God Hermes and Spock all at once!

 5. Star Trek Red Shirt Fragrance

For when you want to live life on the edge.

 6. Redshirts Deluxe Edition Card Game

Speaking of Redshirts, here’s a game where you determine their fate.

 7. Star Trek Spock Business Card Holder

May your business prosper.

 8. Star Trek Transporter Room Bath Mat & Shower Curtain Set

Clean me up, Scotty!

 9. Star Trek Floating Enterprise Pen

Get distracted every time you write!

 10. TOS Captain’s Chair Pet Bed

Because even your pet is a Star Trek fan.

 11. Star Trek Borg Fridge

This fridge only wishes to raise the quality of life for all species.

 12. Star Trek Golf Covers

You could have a puppet show when you’re waiting around!

 13. Tea, Earl Grey, Hot – Officially Licensed Star Trek Tea

It’ll be your Numb’a One.

 14. Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt

These also beg for you to wear them at sporting events someone dragged you to.

 15. Tribble Plush Replica

Be honest: would you use this as a plush pet or as a toupee?

 16. U.S.S. Enterprise Pool Float Blow-Up

Float around in water space.

 17.  Star Trek Inspired Spock Ear iPhone Cover

Make every phone call logical.

 18. DIY “Bake It So” Oven Mitt

Perfect for your Star Trek cupcake parties.

 19. Sterling Silver Handmade Bat’leth Weapon Pendant

Fans will think it’s badass and others will think it’s avant-garde: win-win.

 20. Star Trek Cookbook

With Neelix on the cover, was this made as a gag-gift?

 21. Star Trek Communicator Pasties (NSFW-ish)

Engage with communicator nipples.

 22. Klingon Hamlet

By the honorable Wil’yam Shex’pir.

 23. Locutus Mask

Add a red LED to that sucker and really freak people out.

 24. Officially Licensed Star Trek Beer: Vulcan Ale

Meld with your beer.

 25. Vintage Star Trek Coloring Books/Pages

Psychedelic, man.

26. Star Trek TNG Captain Picard Ceramic Cookie Jar

Statue and cookie jar?!

27. Star Trek Fun With Kirk & Spock

In this parody of “Dick and Jane” books, they “go boldly.”

28. “Set Phasers to Stunning” Patrick Stewart Cross Stitch Wall Art


29. Star Trek Insignia Print Black/Silver Knitted Pompom Beanie

Who knew Star Trek could be so cute?

30. Custom Made 3-D Printed Star Trek Fan Figurines

This could be — perhaps — the most — personal gift to — someone or — yourself.


Which ones did you find most fascinating? Let us know in the comments!

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Amanda Hatheway
Amanda Hatheway
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