The 10 Most Romantic Places in Oregon

Oregon undoubtedly is the state to fall in love in or rekindle your persistent flame.

There is certainly no shortage of romantic spots in our portion of the Pacific Northwest. There is such a plethora of activities and destinations that lovers could plan a 365-Date Challenge, but for the sake of not overloading you with ideas, we hope our 10 most romantic places in Oregon help you plan a date with your special someone. Enjoy!

1. Bridal Veil Falls


Located in Multnomah County, Bridal Veil is a ghost town that previously functioned as the Bridal Veil Falls’ Lumbering Company as well as a company that produced boxes for Kraft Food Company. After many booming years, the town is now home several small businesses, including a lodge, and most importantly the waterfalls. Come for the cascading falls on Larch Mountain’s north side and then check into the Bridal Veil Lodge Bed & Breakfast for a romantic evening away on the Historic Columbia River Highway.

2. Salem’s Riverfront Park

Act like you’re 17 again and take a spin around Salem’s Riverfront Carousel along the Willamette River. Couples could easily make a day out of this 23-acre park with all its amenities. I suggest a picnic while you take in the river views.

3. International Rose Test Garden

Portland, Oregon’s nickname is The Rose City, and it earns it as home to International Rose Test Garden. It’s the oldest public garden in the United States and offers a setting for the most romantic of dates. There’s even a wedding site to get you in the mood for tying the knot.

4. Painted Hills

(Photo: Ideath)

Colors of reds, blacks, yellows and golds should have earned the Painted Hills a spot on the 7 Wonders of the World. This is an ideal romantic spot for the outdoorsy couple or the couple that’s trying to date outside of the box.

5. Portland Japanese Garden

(Photo: Brooke Hoyer)

(Photo: Brooke Hoyer)

The 5.5 acre garden on Kingston Avenue offers a tranquil setting for couples to stroll and reflect on their budding relationship before they catch a dinner. The five part garden features pond gardens, paths carved out with stepping stones, and lanterns and black pines.

6. Nye Beach District

(Photo: Brittany)

Discover why this historic area was once known as the “Honeymoon Capital of the World.” For me, the Victorian architecture and cobblestone streets would take the cake and make Nye Beach our little getaway. One of the little cafes will make you think you are in 19th century Europe instead of modern day.

7. Pittock Mansion

(Photo: Geremia)

(Photo: Geremia)

Tour the French Renaissance-style estate built in 1914 by Henry and Georgiana Pittock. This sprawling estate offers breathtaking views and lush greenery from 1,000 feet above the West Hills of Portland. The mansion is closed the month of January, but will reopen in February, just in time for Valentine’s Day. This Portland landmark is sure to spark your romance with its visual majesty and the Pittock’s 58-year love story.

8. The Oregon Coast

(Photo: Will Floyd)

(Photo: Will Floyd)

There are ample scenic areas, viewpoints, hiking trails, dining options and lodging dotting the Oregon Coast. Make it a romantic weekend by picking a lodge with a fireplace and lay out which restaurants you want to treat yourselves to expensive entrees and desserts infused with chocolate, sauces and strawberries.

9. Silver Falls State Park

(Photo: Tlinn)

(Photo: Tlinn)

One of Oregon’s crown jewels is located in the foothills of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains. Oregon’s largest state park features a 177-foot curtain of water at South Falls, ideal for a first kiss or a kiss to liven up a long-established relationship. The Trail of Ten Falls will lead you through dense forest, numerous waterfalls and scenery that has made this hiking trail nationally renown.

10. Wine Tours

(Photo: NW Navigator)

(Photo: NW Navigator)

If you like wine or just like to enjoy an adult beverage every now and then, why not take your lover on one of Oregon’s numerous wine tours? The beautiful scenery, the booze, your significant other — can’t you just imagine the wine kisses?



Jeannette Swanson
Jeannette Swanson
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