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September 2, 2015

6 Ways Science Can Boost A Woman’s Libido

Men tend to have higher sex drives than women. That’s why scientists have been working hard to figure out different ways […]
September 2, 2015

Are You Intolerant of Gluten Intolerance?

If you were born after the new millennium you likely don’t remember, but there was actually a time when people […]
September 1, 2015

Forget Zombies–the Snowpocalypse is Coming and It’s Time to Prepare!

We’re in for a rough winter if “The Old Farmer’s Almanac” is to be believed. They report that the Great […]
September 1, 2015

10 Unbelievably Weird Phobias

A little bit of fear is healthy. It can help you stay out of trouble, avoid injury and prevent a […]
September 1, 2015

The Most Terrifying Movie Set Deaths

Working on the set of a movie isn’t all fun and games. Even though it may seem like acting is […]
August 31, 2015

How Can You Help Wilderness Restoration?

September is National Wilderness Month, which means it’s time to learn more about the planet we inhabit. You already know […]
August 31, 2015
basketball rigged

Top 5 Sports Conspiracy Theories

Regardless of which one is your favorite, sports are a great way to develop a healthy sense of competition. They […]
August 31, 2015

Pot Accessories – More Than Just a Tin Can

If there’s more than one way to skin a chicken, there’s definitely more than one way to smoke pot. It’s […]
August 30, 2015
nikola tesla

The Weird Habits and Superstitions of Famous Geniuses

Did you always wear the same socks on game day in high school? Have you ever worked on a project […]
August 30, 2015

Why Musicfest NW is Portland’s Most Hated Festival

No, I’m not exaggerating when I say Musicfest NW (MFNW) is probably Portland’s most hated festival. The infamous hullabaloo used […]