Do It Yourself Projects for DIY Maniacs: Garage Makeovers To Do This Weekend

“A complete disaster.” That’s how some people describe their garages. How about you?

If you’re like many of us, our garage can use some much-need cleaning and de-cluttering. In this article, we’ll explore several do it yourself project ideas to turn your messy garage into one that’s organized and amazing.

DIY Garage Door

You might think garage door installations are too technical for the average person. But a computer programmer turned DIYer created his own garage doors when he found the ones that were currently installed in his home had a wide gap. Talk about security issues. Either to be more secure or for purely aesthetic purposes, you can easily make over your garage door following this tutorial for a carriage house-inspired set.

If you’re after a subtler makeover, you can go for a faux wood carriage look instead with a couple of paints and a piece of rag. Why not add faux windows using black paint or fake carriage door straps using stir sticks while you’re at it.

Fold-Up or Fold-Down Work Table

If you lack space in your garage to work properly, try making a fold-up or fold-down table. This particular design has the table double as a door to hide wall-mounted supplies when not in use. That’s what’s great about these wall-mounted tables. You can keep them attached to the wall when not in use freeing up space in your garage for other purposes.

DIY Garage Storage

Looks familiar? Your garage can be salvaged from all this clutter. Try the following do it yourself garage storage solutions.

Magnetic Strips

Attach one or more magnetic strips to a wall or on the side of a cabinet, and use this to store often-used tools. It’s best to keep the magnetic strip above or near your workstation so they’re within easy reach.  

Rolling Cabinets

If you have so many tools lying around in your garage, like Richard H of Texas who shared his creation, this could be a great project to finally give them a proper home and keep your garage neat and tidy. Richard’s rolling cabinets have three sections with pegboards and shelves inside to organize your tools. These cabinets not only save space but are also mobile so you can take them with you wherever you’re working.

Tape Dispenser

If you use different kinds and colors of tapes, here’s a great way you can store and organize them. Create this tape dispenser using a few boards and a hacksaw blade to cut your tape edges straight. The best part about this project is you can take it with you where you’re working.  

Bike Shelf

If you have bicycles and find storing them in the garage can be pretty darn hard, here’s one idea you can try. Jesse K has a very simple solution. She built an on-the-wall shelf to store her bike. This makes it easier for you to grab your bike and go. How cool is that? Plus you can store your riding gloves, lights, and other essential riding gear in the little cubby.

So prepare your tools and carve out time this weekend to do these amazing do it yourself projects for your garage. You can either do this alone or enlist the help of your spouse and children and make your DIY project a family affair.


Which of these do it yourself projects for the garage sounds great to do for this coming weekend? Share your thoughts with us in the comments or in our Facebook page.



Juvy Garcia
Juvy Garcia
Juvy is a freelance proofreader, copy editor and writer. A nice little nook with a good book would be ideal. But concocting plans for her next drawing or DIY project will suffice while she's still busy babysitting two daughters. Follow her on Twitter or connect with her on Google+.