August 8, 2016

Best Books Of 2016-Book Lovers Day 8-9-16

On August 9 we will celebrate Book Lovers Day – or at least all of the book lovers will celebrate […]
April 12, 2016

Reading Literary Fiction Improves Empathy…Yes, Another Reason to Encourage Reading!

Need an excuse to catch up on some reading? Literary fiction, in particular? Don’t put it off any longer. A […]
March 4, 2016

Why You Should Read Out Loud to Your Children

I have fond memories of hearing my mom read out loud to me as a child. That is where my […]
October 12, 2015

40 Profound Quotes From Children’s Books

A book is a book is a book. As adults, we often forget to take time to appreciate things we […]
September 28, 2015

5 Romance Novels According to Their Covers

We’ve all seen them—men with open blouses and shiny rippling chests; women in compromising positions beneath them; hair flowing. That’s […]
September 26, 2015

Does Bibliotherapy, or Reading for Your Health, Really Work?

Reading. We do it for different reasons. Some of us read to learn, gain new knowledge, or discover information. Others […]
July 4, 2015

Unique Books For Unique Folks

The world is filled with literature. The classic major genres include romance novel, tragedy, satire, and comedy, but for some book […]