What is Sexy 2015 and What Victoria’s Secret Got Wrong

Every year Victoria’s Secret comes up with a new “What is Sexy” list and every year they make some questionable decisions. While this sort of list can easily change from person to person, the idea behind it is supposed to reflect, not just the physical attributes, but also the confidence these people display. How they determine this is probably based less on reality and more on what they find convenient. For this reason, it is easy to look over the list and call out some of those decisions. With that in mind, here is a look at some of the choices and how they could be improved from a male’s perspective.

Sexiest Actress – Rachel McAdams

When you are looking for the sexiest actress, you probably will think of someone men actually know exists, but for some reason this year Victoria’s Secret decided Rachel McAdams was the one to go with. Though she might have something going for her in the looks department, “sexy” isn’t the first word that comes to mind, especially considering the photo they opted for. If that isn’t enough, her movie lineup for 2015 wasn’t anything impressive, so how did she even get into the running?

Sexiest Lips – Jessica Biel

Alright, so some people find Jessica Biel to be attractive and over the years she has definitely grown into her body. Despite this, her lips are definitely NOT the part most people would consider attractive. She has some great features, but her mouth, in general, is not one of them. While they say its “about confidence” let’s be real – sexy lips are totally physical and these lips just don’t cut it.

Sexiest Style – Olivia Palermo

Not sure who decided on this one, but has Olivia Palermo really been relevant to anyone recently? She was in “The City” about five years ago and apparently last year she got married, but why is she even still in the running? Maybe she still has good style, but if she can’t even stay in the limelight, it hardly seems like it warrants this decision.

Forever Sexy – Rihanna

So, Rihanna has been through more than her fair share of problems and she still looks good despite it all. Still, it seems like there are better candidates this title could go to. There is no nice way to say this, but she has a strange facial structure. Offering one alternative, Jennifer Lopez would be a solid choice, as she tends to be considered much more attractive by the majority of men.

Sexiest International Import – Felecity Jones

This one is less of a critique of the choice and more of a “what the hell is this?” Is Felicity Jones a commodity that Victoria’s Secret decided to have flown in so they could show off their new fashions? No? Then what kind of a category is this?

Sexiest Legs – Taylor Swift



OK. There really isn’t much to critique about this one. It is likely on point.

Are there any other What Is Sexy list decisions that you found to be out of the ordinary this year? Who do you think should replace these wayward list members to provide a better fit?




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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