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July 23, 2015

Why We Love Christmas All Year Long

If you’ve glanced at your calendar or written a check lately, you may have noticed that it’s July. It’s warm […]
July 23, 2015

Does Your Daughter Have A Princess Complex?

Once upon a time, you thought of and treated your little girl as a princess. But she took it to […]
July 23, 2015

How Do You Survive? PMS Symptoms and Remedies

Unfortunately, health class never teaches students all they should know about female genitalia. Even if you’re a woman, there are […]
July 22, 2015

Can You Solve A Rubik’s Cube Blindfolded?

You may not know the name Paul Hertzel, but enthusiasts of the popular 80’s puzzle game Rubik’s Cube do. He […]
July 22, 2015

Do You Buy from a Green Brewery?

With over 2,800 breweries in the U.S. and $246.5 billion in profits, the brewing industry has a dynamic influence on the […]
July 22, 2015

6 Misheard Lyrics that Are Better than the Original

Everyone has been there. You’re listening to a song and think you hear a hilarious lyric. When you look it […]
July 21, 2015

Movie Adaptations That Actually Do The Book Justice

Most of the time, movie adaptations make a mockery out of the novels they were based on. However, every so […]
July 21, 2015

6 Places to Escape the Heat

If you live in a warm or humid environment, then you don’t need a reminder summer can be a brutal […]
July 21, 2015

9 Strange Guinness World Records

We live in a strange, strange world folks. Nestled, like hidden gems, between the truly amazing feats of strength, speed, […]
July 20, 2015

Not Your Basic Doggy Style: Bizarre Animal Sex

We all know how human sex works, but how much do you know about animal sex? Some creatures have different […]