6 Misheard Lyrics that Are Better than the Original

Everyone has been there. You’re listening to a song and think you hear a hilarious lyric. When you look it up, you find out you were mistaken, but every time you listen to that song you can’t get the hilarious mistake out of your head. Of course, everyone is familiar with common ones like Jimi Hendrix saying, “Excuse me while I kiss this guy,” in Purple Haze or Elton John saying, “Hold me closer Tony Danza,” in Tiny Dancer, but wouldn’t you like to have some mixed up lyrics you can actually here on the popular radio stations? With that in mind, here are six more recent songs that have some of the most hilarious misheard lyrics around.

1. Sweet Nothing, by Calvin Harris

Go ahead and listen to this video. What you might find is instead of, “sweet nothing” you mistakenly hear, “sexy dolphins.” Though others have claimed to hear, “sexy loving,” or, “sexy elephants,” it is definitely, “sexy dolphins.” That’s right; Florence Welch has some strange fetish for dolphins.

2. Blank Spaces, by Taylor Swift

You probably were expecting this one, but it had to be included. Apparently, this one is so commonly misheard there are a variety of parodies existing specifically for this song, like this one:

Supposedly, she says, “Got a long list of ex-lovers,” but everyone knows it is truly a covert advertisement for Starbucks. Not as covert as you thought Taylor!

3. Harlem, by New Politics

Did that song just say, “Shake it like a black girl up in Harlem?” Isn’t that racist? So, the official lyrics are, “Shake it like a bad girl up in Harlem,” but who didn’t hear, “Shake it like a black girl up in Harlem?” Wait…Does that make everyone a racist?

4. Where Are U Now, by Skrillex and Diplo

You were probably hoping to never hear this name again, but this song features Justin Bieber (take a second to calm down). Well, this is actually one of his better songs. Why? Probably because he is clearly saying, “I need Jew, I need Jew, I need Jew,” over and over again. Yes, the official lyrics say, “I need you,” but let’s be real. It must be, “I need Jew.”

5. Chandelier, by Sia

That’s right. You first heard this here folks. At this point in the song, Sia clearly says, “I’m gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my teeth as they bite.” What is that even supposed to mean? The official lyrics are listed as, “Feel my tears as they dry,” but listen to that bit again. It is clearly something about her teeth. Does Sia like catching birds and eating them while they are alive?

6. Katy Perry, California Gurls

Wait. Did she just say, “Five breasts pierced?” So, the official lyrics say, “Fine, fresh, fierce,” but really it must be some sort of subliminal message. Is she saying girls in California have five breasts and all of them are pierced? If so, you probably want to avoid that state.


Are there any other popular songs you can find misheard lyrics in? What is your favorite lyrical mixup?

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Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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