If you live in a warm or humid environment, then you don’t need a reminder summer can be a brutal time of year. There are days where you just want to potato-up on your couch if you’re lucky to have air conditioning in your own home. If you do not have AC, then you can either put on an optimistic face and try to appreciate your at-home spa sauna or you can flee in an attempt to escape to cooler temperatures. If you find yourself fleeing, seek shelter at some of the places listed below and cool down all the while saving some of the money you would have spent on your own AC.

 1. Free Museum Day


Museums are famously notorious for being cold. Use their reputation to give yourself a break and learn some new things in the process. Look in your area for museums that pique your interest and find out if they offer any free days. Free museum = free knowledge and free AC.


2. Public Library

Speaking of free knowledge, the public library is a great place to get some. If you prefer to not crack open the books, most public libraries have computers as well to help facilitate seamless facebook-ing and pinterest-ing. Plus, the library is always free.


3. The Mall

This one assumes you have an indoor mall in your area. If you’re trying to stick to low budget options, you may have to exercise your window shopping abilities and bonus, it’s almost like a free air conditioned gym because, you know, you can walk a lot.


4. Coffee Shop

Be productive and get some work done or meet some friends for a chill afternoon. Most coffee shops offer public WIFI and tend to have some pretty relaxing tunes to boot so you may find yourself not wanting to leave.


5. Movie Theater

Similar to museums, theaters are well known for their frigid climate. Look in your area for theaters that offer discount nights and catch a movie while you cool off. Consider looking into theaters that show movies after they have cycled out of the bigger theaters, but before they are released on DVD. It’s the same movie you’d see elsewhere but at a much cheaper price.


6. Somebody Else’s House

When all else fails, flee to somebody’s house that does have AC. A friend, loved one, or a neighbor (just make sure you at least know your neighbor first), no matter who it is, see if they need a babysitter, want help to make a nice dinner at home, or just hang out and watch movies.


Where are your favorite places to cool off?

 Additional Images: Texas Leather Furniture in San Antonio / Flickr



Eli Stewart
Eli Stewart
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