If you’ve glanced at your calendar or written a check lately, you may have noticed that it’s July. It’s warm outside and cold inside, soup and cocoa have been shelved and replaced with fruity beers and fro-yo swirls. More than half the year is over and summer is in full swing.

We Christmas lovers spend our entire year waiting for Christmas. When December 26 rolls around, it not only marks the end of the greatest day of the year, but the clearing of your elfish chalkboard countdown and the beginning of a new 365 day waiting period.

July is a special month for all Christmas lovers because of the party phenomenon known as Christmas in July. The origins of the celebration are unknown, though some theories blame it on a promotional stunt intended to generate more holiday-type revenue. Regardless, many fall victim to the retail ploy, sure to get their share of eggnog and fir-scented candles and updating Christmas music playlists with a few new versions of All I Want For Christmas Is You and Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

Why do we spend our lives living Christmas to Christmas? Keep reading for a glimpse inside the mind of a whovillian.

 1. Twinkling Lights

Soft, twinkling lighting is magical and romantic. Musically timed lighting is freaking awesome. You just can’t lose. Throw some lights on a wreath or a chunk of garland and you’ve got pure joy.

 2. Christmas Music

Speaking of music, Christmas music could quite possibly be the best genre out there. Between Bing, Frank, Elvis, and Nat, who could ask for more?

 3. The Duality of Hot and Cold

Yes, we realize there is a duality of temperature in the summer, but it’s just not the same. Watching the snow fall from a frosted window, wrapped in a flannel blanket isn’t quite the same as watching the heat hover above the top of the hot asphalt while airing your pits. Hot cocoa and cider are superior to ice water and lemonade, and snuggling by the fire beats staying 5 feet away from your neighbor to avoid sticking.

 4. Time off Work

Who doesn’t love a reason to stay away from the office. Christmas or root canal, most will take what they can get.

 5. Christmas Movies

When Christmas staples like It’s A Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street come on TV and you can watch the classics with the rest of the world, you just know life is good.

 6. Perfect Timing

Sarah Parrott

Sarah Parrott / Flickr

Have you ever noticed Christmas follows Thanksgiving and precedes New Years? It’s just one hell of a happiness sandwich.

 7. Plaid

You can never go wrong with plaid.


 What do you love about Christmas? Will you be celebrating Christmas in July?

 Additional Images: Mike Kniec / Flickr



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