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December 7, 2015
An image showing a mix of living and "undead" trees in Oregon. (

Zombie Trees In America’s National Forests

Throughout America’s vast landscape of national forests hides undead brain-suckers. Rotted by fungus, cut off from nourishment at the hands (or feelers) […]
December 6, 2015

Pets for People with Asthma and Allergies

Pets provide their owners with many benefits to both the mind and body. Having pets have been shown to lower cholesterol levels […]
December 6, 2015

Man with Down Syndrome Takes Bodybuilding by Storm

Most of us have talked about getting in shape at one time or another. Yeah, it would be totally possible […]
December 6, 2015

Best Hot Springs in the Southwest

After a long, stressful day at work, our bodies tend to get all tense and exhausted. Hot springs have been […]
December 5, 2015

The End of Jeans?

Blue jeans are iconic American apparel. They are the favorite, go-to piece of clothing when you don’t feel like getting […]
December 5, 2015

Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them: The Top 4 Best Music Discovery Sites

We all have that friend who posts the most obscure, yet wonderful, music on social media. It immediately forces you […]
December 5, 2015

Swett: South Dakota Ghost Town Up for Sale

Are you in the market to buy your very own town? Nothing’s wrong with it. Like, it’s not haunted or […]
December 4, 2015

Disney Princesses as Warriors: Damsels in Distress No More

Who needs a prince to save you when you can save yourself? That is the focal point of this latest re-imagining […]
December 4, 2015

Oregon Seeks To Cure Pain Without Opioids

Doris Keene, a 59-year-old Portland resident, has had problems staying active and is suffering from constant pain. “My leg started bothering […]
December 4, 2015

Old Movie Reviews

There is nothing better than watching a classic old movie that is popular, even in today’s world. There are many […]