Christmas is a wonderful time of year. It’s also a great time to get a family portrait that includes your furry friends. Preparation time for a family portrait can be frustrating, especially if you are thinking of a holiday theme with matching outfits. However, it’s also the perfect opportunity to find Christmas sweaters for your pets.

Christmas Pet Sweaters

When you decide it’s time to start looking for a pet sweater for your animal, you will need to know the size. A measuring tape is a great way to find out exactly what size is going to work best for your pet. Be sure to take a few different measurement and add 1/4” just in case your pet is bloated or having a bad weight day. Write down these measurements, as you will need them later.

Shopping for Pet Sweaters

You will have a few different options to choose from when it’s time to start your holiday pet sweater shopping. The Internet is a great way to find the perfect sweater for your pet, but you also should pay close attention to reviews. Most people would wonder why reviews are important, but they are going to tell you how the actual sweater is going to fit. Even if you buy a sweater with measurements that are perfect, the sweater still might fit wrong. Take the time to read the reviews and make a determination if the sweater is going to fit correctly. Also, pay close attention to the type of material the sweater is made out of. You might be purchasing a pet sweater that will shrink if washed.

Pet Stores

Another awesome way to shop for pet sweaters is to actually go into different pet stores and shops to see if you can find a great holiday sweater. Some places will allow you to bring your pet along so that you can actually try on the pet sweater, some will not. It’s up to you to decide which stores and shops you are going to check out. If you do go to a pet store that allows pets, be sure you have your animal on a leash.

Pet Sweater Care

Once you have your pet sweater, it is a good idea to wash it once. This will help the material soften up and get rid of any previous smells. Dogs can be very picky with what scents they are around or the scent that is on them. After you have put the sweater on your animal, you will be able to tell if the sweater is going to work out almost immediately. Some animals will enjoy wearing a sweater, but some animals will not like having a sweater on them. Does your animal or pet wear pet sweaters or jackets?

Your holiday photos are going to be great once you get the entire family put together with holiday sweaters or matching attire. Having your pets involved in the process is going to make your holiday portrait even better.

What kind of outfit will your pet be wearing this Christmas?