Best Jobs Ever – Panda Cuddling, Sloth Bather, etc.

The daily grind. Nosy coworkers. Unappreciative supervisors. It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it… Ah, who are we kidding? If you had one of these jobs and somehow found ways to complain, then you have no soul and should be put down like a rabid wolverine.

On that positive note, check out these awesome jobs that any one of us would be lucky to acquire.

International Rope Expert

You’re probably thinking, “What’s so great about teaching individuals how to properly secure ropes?” Well, imagine travelling to South America to teach archaeologists and researchers how to descend into the world’s deepest cave in search of new species, or flying over to china to prep acrobats for the next big Cirque Du Soleil production. Now imagine that every few weeks of work pays you enough money to take the next several weeks off to explore whatever part of the world you happen to be in at that moment in time. That’s the life of an International Rope Expert.

Sounds almost too good to be true, but this is the actual profession of my coworker’s brother. They particularly love to tell the story of how the brother saved an Australian woman’s feet, that had succumbed to severe frostbite, by busing her through China before getting her on a plane to Canada to one of the world’s foremost specialist in cold-weather injuries.

You know, I once saw a real life buffalo. That’s cool too, right?

Panda Cuddling

A fascinating story has been making its way around the web (again) portraying what many have called the best job on earth. Requirements include: be at least 22 years old, like taking pictures of baby pandas, have a working knowledge of the breed and be willing to hug, hold and otherwise stimulate them while “sharing in their joys and sorrows.”

The position reportedly pays $32,000 annually and calls for relocation to China as well as committing to a full time work schedule, but, if the choice is between flipping burgers and cuddling pandas, well, that’s an easy answer.

Sloth Bather

No, the position does not call for being as lazy as possible while lying in a bath full of your own filth, but rather taking care of baby and physically less-fortunate sloths.

Usually found at animal shelters and sanctuaries, with job responsibilities ranging from scrubbing to lathering to massaging, it’s the kind of job for anyone that wants to get there hands dirty in some slow-moving adorableness.

Odds are the average person will never see a job opportunity like this because it almost certainly calls for a jack of all trades that can nurture and rehabilitate animals of all types, but a guy can dream. A guy can dream…

Boudoir Photographer

Let’s face it: photography is hard work. Years upon years of training and practice, tens of thousands of dollars invested in hardware, locations, model payments, software licenses and many still think charging $300 plus for a shoot is too much. The job includes unruly clients, an incredibly over-saturated market, and the stress of capturing stunning images, sometimes without the possibility of a redo.

What’s so great about this job then? Simply put: Boudoir Photography. If you are one of the lucky ones to land a career in this niche, then most of your days will involve taking pictures of beautiful people, in various forms of undress, and in some cases helping people retrieve confidence and independence. There’s nothing like being someone’s personal hero for a day. You will gain respect from your true peers and outsiders will envy your ability to tell a stranger to get naked on command.

With boudoir taking nearly any form, it really is up to the photographer to decide just how deep down that rabbit whole he/she wants to travel. Leaving plenty of room for photographers of all types.


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