Disney Princesses as Warriors: Damsels in Distress No More

Who needs a prince to save you when you can save yourself? That is the focal point of this latest re-imagining of our favorite childhood characters by artist Jessica Madorran. She created Disney princesses as warriors. Again, as with many iterations of Disney princesses from fans, this is not the first re-imagining of Disney princesses as warriors. But who’s complaining?

So without further ado, here they are. Brace yourself.

Princess Jasmine of Agrabah with her fierce kunai.


Princess Jasmine goes ninja with these kunai, otherwise known as Japanese daggers. Add the cute (but presumably ferocious) Rajah and no one will dare cross this Arabian princess.

Mulan looks like a boss in this recent interpretation.


Among the princesses re-imagined by Madorran, Mulan is the only one who was already a warrior; a soldier in the Chinese imperial army to be exact. Her makeover transforms her manly garb to femme fatale.

Aurora’s ready for battle with her trusty spear.


Forget about sleeping for a hundred years. This Aurora is prepared to battle evil, human or otherwise.

Rapunzel’s flail will never fail.


In Tangled, Rapunzel capably defended herself with her trusty frying pan. But thanks to this newest iteration of our beloved princesses, her weapon has been upgraded. It is still very much capable of giving any bad guy a major headache.

Princess Ariel is a mermaid warrior equipped with a trident-firing crossbow.


Forget Xena the warrior princess, what do you think of a mermaid warrior princess? She comes fully equipped with a crossbow that spews trident arrows and a terrifying fish sidekick.

Snow White’s dual axes are not something to mess with.


Dwarves or no dwarves, Snow White has the situation under control. No crying over scary trees and creepy eyes for this princess. Plus, she gets plenty of practice chopping wood.

Cinderella’s rope dart gives a new meaning to “piercing” Prince Charming’s heart.


Just as Cinderella was very useful to her stepmother and stepsisters (doing the chores in her own house and basically becoming their servant) her weapon of choice has many uses as well. It can hit, pierce, and bind an enemy, among other things. It’s great for long-range targets and requires excellent hand and eye coordination, which Cindy has plenty of practice of by doing all the work around the house.

Belle’s one beauty whose thorn (French rapier) is sharp and deep.


Armed with a sharp mind and a sharp sword, ths is one fearsome Belle. With or without the Beast, this mademoiselle will win any argument, both mental and physical.

These women are certainly not damsels in distress. They’re going to kick butts!

What do you think of these Disney princesses as warriors? Which one is your fave?



Juvy Garcia
Juvy Garcia
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