Which of the Different Bulldog Breeds is the Cutest?

Who knew there were so many different bulldog breeds? The American, Catahoula, French and English are the most commonly known types of bulldogs, but there are actually 10 other breeds that deserve ample recognition.

While this article places all 14 of the different Bulldog breeds on a scale from least to most cute based my personal opinion, your opinion is sure to differ dramatically from mine as there really is no truly ugly dog! In fact, most of these dogs seem so cute and squishy that it was difficult to rank them in any particular order, but here it goes anyway!

#14  |  Aussie Bulldog


While the Aussie Bulldog is affectionate and outgoing, I can only imagine the amount of drool its mouth would produce. Putting the drool feature aside, this pup is dependable, full of vigor and would make for a suitable watchdog.

#13  |  English Bulldog


I think this breed is extremely adorable as a puppy, but that cuteness might fade as the dog matures. We’ve all been taught though that looks aren’t everything and the English Bulldog could be a perfect companion when they’ve received proper training.

#12  |  Buldogue Campeiro

The Buldogue Campeiro’s versatile personality makes him a good match for many types of families. He won’t bark unless there is imminent danger, so you won’t need to worry about incessant barking with this guy.

#11  |  Dorset Old Tyme Bulldogge


This pup has a stocky and muscular build, which I think would make for an intimidating watchdog. If that’s what you’re looking for, the Dorset Old Tyme Bulldogge is the way to go!

#10  |  Old English Bulldogge


This is the breed that’s often seen at dog shows was created in hopes of re-creating the appearance of the 18th century Old English Bulldog, but with its own distinct look.

#9  |  French Bulldog


I love the personality radiating from this breeds face. Since this French Bulldog pup is derived from the English Bulldog you can be more hands on with him without worrying about him breaking a hip or a leg, when compared to smaller breeds. The one drawback is that this breed is more likely to attach himself to one owner and display jealously towards its owner’s significant other or child.

#8  |  Victorian Bulldog


The Victorian Bulldog makes for a suitable family companion, but this breed would be too big for my liking.

#7  |  Ca De Bou

Bulldog breeds:Ca de bou


This particular Bulldog breed (with the most creative name of the bunch: the Ca De Bou) has a very independent personality that may also come off as stubborn. I don’t do well with stubborn dogs, but this dog can be a great guardian of his family.

#6  |  Old Boston Bulldog


I love Boston Terriers, so it was a no-brainer that I’d love the dog that helped developed the little Old Boston Bulldog. If you like the look of a Boston Terrier, but think they’re too small, I would suggest researching into this breed. This breed is one to consider if you have children, since they are comical, playful, intelligent and gentle.

#5  |  American Bulldog


Medium to large in size, the American Bulldog is the Bulldog I’ve seen most often owned by friends and at play at dog parks. This one is daring and inquisitive, but knows his limits when it comes to reigning in the aggressiveness. He plays well with others, making him a welcome addition if you already have a mutt or two at home.

#4  |  Valley Bulldog


Popular in Canada and rare, but not as rare as the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog mentioned below, this dog is athletic, gutsy and has a superb temperament.

#3  |  Catahoula Bulldog


This cross between an American Bulldog and Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog make for a highly gifted animal. Its loyalty and intelligence present the opportunity for this dog to be a working breed or a tree and game companion.

#2  |  Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog


It’s likely you’ve never seen or heard of this particular breed. The Alapaha Blue Blood is extremely rare; its numbers worldwide are only approximately 120. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on this dog they’ll make for a great companion and will be extremely protective of your house and all whom dwell inside.

#1  |  Banter Bulldogge


If I had to pick my favorite Bulldog breed based on looks, this would be the winner! However, because of this breed’s need for regular exercise to expel energy, the Banter Bulldogge would not be a fit for our family at the moment. I love the medium size of this dog and its playful nature would be well accepted with children of an older age – as for looks, this is definitely the cutest type of bulldog I’ve ever seen!

This read may have felt like a Bulldog version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, with the dogs being ranked on their attractiveness to me personally.

We’d like to know what dog you would rate cutest! Please let us know in the comments below!



Jeannette Swanson
Jeannette Swanson
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