Best Books Of 2016-Book Lovers Day 8-9-16

On August 9 we will celebrate Book Lovers Day – or at least all of the book lovers will celebrate the day. Those who hate to read may well skip the celebration, or binge on Netflix instead. In honor of Book Lovers Day, a number of books lists have been created like the list of best books of the year from Time. This list features some of the highlights from Time’s list of best books.

“The Association Of Small Bombs”

Karan Mahajan boldly tackles the personal impacts of terrorism in his novel, “The Association of Small Bombs.” Two brothers visit a television repair shop in 1990s Delhi to pick up a television. A bomb detonated in the marketplace kills both brothers, but the friend survives, though not without physical and psychological injuries. The novel proceeds to explore the impacts of terrorism on victims and perpetrators alike. “The Association of Small Bombs” is published by Viking.

“Imagine Me Gone”

“Imagine Me Gone” is a novel by Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award finalist Adam Haslett. John and Margaret are engaged to be married in 1960s London when John is hospitalized with depression. Proceeding with the marriage, the couple have several children. The oldest son is brilliant, but anxious, and the family must deal with is increasingly troubled situation as the years unfold. “Imagine Me Gone” is published by Little, Brown and Company.


“Sweetbitter,” a novel by Stephanie Danler, chronicles the adventures of a 22-year-old woman who moves to New York City. Employed at a trendy NYC restaurant, Tess is faced with the demands of a high-pressure culinary job while developing new friendships and love relationships. “Sweetbitter” is published by Knopf.

“The Past”

“The Past” is a novel by Tessa Hadley. The Past explores a dramatic gathering of three sisters, a brother, and their own families at the family home where they once lived with their mother. Complicated family dynamics, passions, and old secrets all intertwine as the siblings face the prospect of needing to sell the family home. “The Past” is published by Harper.

“Missing Man: The American Spy Who Vanished in Iran”

In “Missing Man,” author Barry Meier explores the story of Robert Levinson, a former FBI agent and private investigator. Levinson disappeared in Iran during 2007 while on a mission with the CIA. Most Americans first learned of Levinson’s story years later when he appeared in a video pleading for help from his country while dressed as a Guantanamo prisoner. Meier utilizes CIA files and a number of interviews to tell the story of Levinson’s travels, disappearance, and the search to find him.


What are the best books that you have read in 2016? Are any of them on this list? Which books would you add as “must read” for 2016?




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