Is there anyone out there who hasn’t heard of this popular comedian? Debuting in 2009, the popular host and commentator has garnered a groundswell of fans that increases each year. Also known as Daniel Tosh, Tosh.O has proven popular enough to earn more than 1200 death threats each month. Isn’t that even more popular than the president of the United States? Here, we will look at the various clothing statements he has made over the years.

The Oregon Ducks

Season 3, episode 30: I’m leading off with my favorite here: the Oregon Ducks. More than just my home state football team, the Ducks are also known for wardrobe changes… much like Tosh.O himself. With 17,280 different possible combinations, the Ducks could wear a different uniform for over 1300 years! If Tosh stays at 30 episodes per annual season, the popular comedian could do it in less than 700 years.

Is It Racist?

A common segment on Tosh.O episodes is called Is It Racist? Here, he shows a watermelon eating contest with several white contestants but focusing on one black contestant. The real question here is Tosh.O’s wardrobe choice. Wearing a decidedly African-American flavor clothing style, is he being very subtle or much too obvious? Since his audience tends to trend on the intelligent side, it is hard to tell. Is he laughing with us or at us?

A Study In Contrast

After wearing clothing options that identify with the subject matter, Tosh opts for a contrast. The video of not so lucky (or dumb?) victims of stupid firework stunts is decidedly a little redneck. So why is he wearing the decidedly preppy outfit? Is it that he doesn’t want to have his fans think he is that stupid? I know I wouldn’t.

JAWS Played By…

For his episode on the Oscar nominations, we find Tosh O dressed in a tiger costume with an ocean backdrop. Is Tosh O saying that Jaws was really played by a tiger shark? Man, that was one heckuva make up job. Kudos to Maybelline for that Oscar.

Wait For It…

Acting his age has never been a problem for Tosh O. Who isn’t young at heart? I can’t timagine what would make him this happy. Was it another renewal for his widely popular show? Or maybe it was hearing that President Obama once laughed when he heard Josh O’s name proving Josh O has an audience everywhere. Certainly this enthusiastic commentator of potty trained public purveyances of possibly perturbed prominence can pull it off.

Dedicated To His Craft

Tosh.O took several months to lose the weight for this photo. Not only weight loss but a complete re-make of musculature to pull this off. Using a diet regimen designed by Caitlyn Jenner, Tosh.O pulls off the bod that many women would die for. Either that or a sex change.

There She Is…

Who hasn’t dressed up as a woman? Let’s see.  Arnold Swarzenegger for one. Maybe LeBron James? The list is smaller than you think. The real question here is why South Carolina? Is Josh O saying he is better looking than any possible South Carolina contestant and he would win ? Not sure if LeBron would brag about that. Here come some more death threats…


What wouldn’t Tosh.O choose for his next wardrobe malfunction?