The Best Elder Scrolls Skyrim Mods to Get Via Steam

Now that you know how to mod Skyrim through Steam, it’s time to pick out some of the best mods to make your gameplay experience that much better. There are so many different wants you can customize your game now: new weapons and armor, expanded gameplay, new cities, locations, and dungeons, and countless unique additions that make Skyrim new. Here are some of the more popular mods that people love, and are considered “must own” for making the game better.


You’ve already beaten the game four times, your skills are maxed across a dozen characters, and you’re getting tired of visting the same cities over and over. How about a change of pace? Want a new game within your current game? Luckily, Alexander J. Velicky devoted 2000 hours to create this massive mod, Falskaar, all for a chance to earn a job at Bethesda. This single mod includes new locations, quests, voice acting, and so on. Bethesda may not have hired up, but Bungie – of Halo and Destiny fame – did.

Dragonborn Castle

The official Skyrim add-on, Hearthfire, isn’t a terrible addition to the game. It allows you to build a house and adopt a kid, which adds another level of autonomy to an already deep game. The problem with it, is that your new home isn’t as big as it could be. The Dragonborn deserves something fit for the hero they are – a castle. Dragonborn Castle goes beyond the official mod and allows you to have horse stables, more rooms, and the luxury a king deserves.


MORE CONTENT. Maybe Falskaar is just too much for you, or maybe you just have way too much free time so there’s no such thing has too much content for you. Wyrmstooth adds multiple hours of content, new locations, playable bard instruments, and the ability to summon Draugr. It doesn’t have as much as Falskaar, but it’s still a very well-done mod that will keep anyone busy for a while.

New Markarth Adventures

Whiterun and Solitude aren’t the only cities in Skyrim. Markarth is lovely, even in the vanilla version, and with tons of its own lore and many interesting NPCs, it’s a shame that it didn’t get more attention. The New Markarth Adventures mod includes a Forsworn faction quest line, a massive new dungeon, and multiple new NPCs so you can get more engagement out of this underrated city.

Resurrection Spell

While it may not be a new city, a free expansion pack, or your own castle, sometimes the necessities are the important things in games. For those of us that get a little trigger-happy with shouts, get angry at a greedy merchant and put an arrow through them, or simply just feel like making Skyrim into a medieval Grand Theft Auto, we may need a little mulligan. The Resurrection Spell mod allows us to bring NPCs back to life without having to cheat and use console commands to do so, making the Skyrim experience feel more natural – even if it does involve playing god and reviving the dead.

The Steam workshop may not have the amount of mods that Nexus has, but it’s user friendly and great for PC noobs or those who just converted from console gaming. Be on the look out for the next two pieces that actually cover how to use Nexus mods!

What’s that? You haven’t read the article about starting to mod your copy of Skyrim? Well, check it out, and start shouting people off of mountains with impunity because you have a resurrection spell!

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