7 Things We Will Miss When Jon Stewart Leaves “The Daily Show”

Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show came as a shock to viewers around the world. The host of the show since 1999, Stewart has built a legacy around himself, one that will be impossible to duplicate by any replacement. To thank him for his contribution, take a moment to think about these truly unique qualities that we will miss with him gone.

His Interpersonal Relationships

Jon Stewart has some interesting relationships, perhaps most notable of which is his apparent bromance with Stephen Colbert. The two share a deep bond and often speak fondly of one another, really demonstrating how deep love can be between to male friends.

His Way with Guests

No matter who is on the show, Jon Stewart has always demonstrated a great ability to interact with his guests and bring out the best in them. This results in great dialogue and an engaging discussion, something that will be hard to duplicate with whoever replaces him.

His Ability to Tell It like It Is

When something was wrong in society, Stewart never hesitated to point it out. Though he did it with satire and comedy, his observations were often more pointed than you would find anywhere else, leaving many to wonder where they will get this candid attitude once he is done and gone.

His Ability to Call Anyone Out

On the subject of telling it like it is, Jon Stewart was willing to point out flaws in anyone. Though certain viewers would complain at times for his “one-sidedness” the truth is that he was not afraid to call out anyone. He would bring up problems from people of all political parties and philosophies, pointing out hypocrisy no matter where it originated.

His Unique Way with Words

From seamlessly integrating puns into his dialogue to coming up with succinct ways to express an unpopular opinions, there is no question that Jon Stewart has a special way with words.

His Comedic Wit

Not only is Jon Stewart great with his rehearsed material, but he has also demonstrated on numerous occasions that he can come up with witty retorts with only moments of thought. This wit is rare and finding someone who can deliver it as well as Stewart is even less common.

His Ability to Be Serious

Though he is a comedian first, Stewart demonstrated on various occasions that he was not afraid to get serious. If something required a serious talk, he was willing to sit down and spell it out with candor and sincerity, which is quite rare among comedians.

Though the show will go on with a new host, one cannot help but wonder if it will ever live up to the legacy that Jon Stewart established. It appears that Comedy Central has selected Trevor Noah as his replacement, but will he be able to fill these enormous shoes?



Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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