Don’t do anything!

August 10 is the day to stay in bed. Stretch out, roll over, and go back to sleep. Call off work for a personal day. Relax and do nothing but be lazy. That’s right. August 10 is officially the day to do nothing and is known as National Lazy Day.

We run around all day, every day, going to work, taking the kids to soccer games, stopping in to check on the folks, washing dishes, mowing lawns. The list just goes on and on. But not on National Lazy Day. This is the day to take a break from all the responsibilities, from work, from chores, for chaos, and just relax. Today you can sit back and unwind, lounge in a hammock, have a drink with a little umbrella in it, and simply be lazy.

And it’s the perfect time of year for having a lazy day. The weather’s warm. The water’s perfect. And school is just around the corner, adding just one (or seven) more things for you to take care of.

How to Celebrate National Lazy Day

National Lazy Day is a day worth celebrating. Although its origins are unknown, there’s still plenty of ways to get your lazy on.

  • Stay in your comfortable clothes and listen to your iPod all day.
  • Sleep in and watch TV in bed.
  • Lay a blanket on the beach and watch the waves.
  • Chill in your backyard and make shapes out of the clouds.
  • Sit on your porch swing and read a book.
  • Go out to eat instead of cooking.
  • Make sandwiches for dinner so there’s no dishes to worry about.

Whatever you do, relax and find something that rejuvenates you (as long as that’s not going for a run or keeping busy), because that’s what this day is meant for. To give all of us that work our asses off Monday through Friday a day to just relax and be, and remember it’s okay to run and be busy from sun up to sun down.

So, celebrate National Lazy Day by doing nothing. Nothing is expected of you, except relaxing.


Are you going to celebrate National Lazy Day? How to you like to be lazy? We want to know so share with us in the comments!




Molly Carter
Molly Carter
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