We could all use some extra money at times…oh who are we kidding, we could always use some spare coin. Whether you’re tying to cushion your savings or have your eye on the next iPhone, you may be searching for those extra bucks. Try a few of these things below to fatten your wallet.

 There’s An App For That

There is a wealth of mobile apps that can help you accumulate some extra bills, but they definitely won’t make you rich by any means of the word. Field Agent has proven to be one of the best, most worth while app to earn extra cash, though it’s popularity has spread like wildfire and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to reserve the “jobs” you need to complete in order to earn money. Tasks are somewhat “secret shopper” in nature and may range anywhere from $1-20 in compensation. Similar apps include Gigwalk and EasyShift. If you’re looking for something a bit different, try iPoll for surveys and Ibotta and Checkout51 to earn money while you do your everyday shopping.

 Pick Up A Side Gig

With plenty of options for low-key side gigs, there’s no need to quit your day job if you decide to pick one up. We’ve all heard stories and advertisements for Uber, but check out some of the lesser known companies that pay per task like Task Rabbit and Postmates. If you’ve got a strong love for canines and don’t mind sharing your home, consider starting your own dog-watching gig through DogVacay or Rover. If dog sitting isn’t your thing, figure out what is and try starting your own business on Etsy. There’s also always a need for babysitters, caregivers, and tutors.

 Sell Your Junk

We all have too much junk and could use a clean break from most of it. Have the good ol’ garage sale or perhaps harness the powers of the great world wide interweb and sell some of your stuff on Craigslist or Ebay. If you have some gently used, still “hip” clothing, try selling it to stores like Buffalo Exchange or Plato’s Closet.

 Donate Your Body

Okay not quite your entire body, but you can donate plasma or your sperm/eggs for a bit more serious coin. While plasma donation can be time consuming based on your body weight, it comes with much less risk than sperm or eggs and therefore has less financial compensation. You can only donate plasma twice a week, maxing out at about $60 per week depending on your local donation center. With a similar donation frequency, you could get paid upwards of $1500 per week by donating sperm. If you’re willing to endure the procedure to donate eggs, you could see upwards of $10,000. Make sure you give these options an appropriate amount of thought before you dive into donating any pieces of your body.

I also hear amateur stripping is pretty lucrative, but thanks to a certain fiancé, the details remain a mystery.


 What things do you do to earn extra funds? Tell us below!




Eli Stewart
Eli Stewart
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