National Pizza Day – The Best Pizza Places in the World

Every day should be pizza day but in celebration of National Pizza Day, we are going to look at some of the best places in the world to chow down on everyone’s favorite food group. In no particular order.

Lombardi’s in New York City

Lombardi’s is considered to be the first pizzeria in the U.S. so it is first on our list here. Opening in 1905, Lombardi’s has been perfecting its craft for over 110 years. It was a hit back then and it is still a hit with New Yorkers today. Some of the original well-worn benches are still on the premises. Its toppings include fresh tomatoes and home made meatballs. Along with its famous clam pie, the long wait is worth it.

Pizzaria Vetri

Located in Philadelphia, Vetri’s was newly opened by the Vetri family in 2013. Yet, in that short time span, their pizzeria has already become one of the cremes in the pizza industry. Meticulously controlling the oven temperatures and being choosy on where the ingredients come from, they serve a pizza that has inspired the finest kitchens. Almost every ingredient is made fresh at the restaurant. Just one example is their classic Margarita with basil, mozzarella and tomato sauce. Baked in a custom built oven, there is nothing like it. Now with two locations in Philadelphia and a new one in Austin, Texas, their reputation is growing ever faster.

Pizzaria E Trattoria Da Isa

Located in Japan, a trip to the far east is well worth the trip for an Italian delicacy. Hisanori Yamamoto opened up his new restaurant just last year and offers the classic dish in a classic setting. Approaching the sidewalk eatery, you can close your eyes and follow the delicious aroma to the little pizzaria in Tokyo. From the pink and white checkered tablecloths to the authentic wooden paddle taking out the next savory pie, you will feel at home no matter what country you are from. Before he opened his pizzeria, Mr. Yamamoto had won the World Pizza cup held in Naples, Italy three years in a row. He knows the old country.

Juliana’s Pizza

Only in New York can you have more than one of the top pizzeria’s in the world. Patsy Grimaldi stands in front of his Juliana’s Pizza restaurant, proud of what he offers to the local or world wide traveler. The restaurant, named after Patsy’s mother, stands in the same building that housed Patsy’s original and world famous Grimaldi’s Pizza. He and his wife opened their pizzeria in 1933 and sold it in 2011. Not one to stay away from what he loves, the Grimaldi’s opened their new restaurant two years later. If you want to know pizza, this man has been creating it for over 80 years. Don’t let another National Pizza Day pass without visiting this Mecca for pizza.

Pizzeria Port’Alba

And finally, the place regarded to be the first in the world. Where else but Naples would you go to find the ancient secrets to the most beloved dish in all of the world. For over 182 years, Pizzeria Port’Alba has been defining the pizza pie for world travelers in search of the most well-known delicacy. This is where the gods started it all. This is history.


Which place would you visit on National Pizza Day if you had the chance?

Additional Image: Photopin