Valentine’s Day has focused on the romantic couple and a candle lit dinner over the years. Is that changing? Is yesterday’s Valentine’s day reality just past nostalgia of how things used to be? What can we expect for the future? Heck, what can we expect tomorrow night? Here is the reality for you.


Roses are painful

Violets are gay

Here’s your 21st century guide

To the new Valentine’s Day.


Finding a new You

Feeling in a rut? No one likes to do the same thing over and over even if it feels good. Try something new to make it feel exciting again. Exploration has led to so many discoveries. It is a part of growth that we call life. What can you discover on a Saturday night?


Roses are dull

Violets are OK

I need a wild ride

I know– horse play!


Just One Look

You don’t have to be sneaky to get what you want. Today, millions of adults are searching for themselves and are willing to share. In fact, they may want you to see for yourself. Come join the party. Come to the deep end. Don’t forget to hold your breath.


Rose bushes hide me

from your casual glance

Though you know I’m here

Bursting in my pants


Free shows Nightly

Gone is the Valentine’s day reality of the dark bedrooms after the family has gone to bed. Nothing is left to the imagination any more. Instead, your imagination is the driving force of where you can go. Got a boundary? Can you bend it without breaking? The fun is in the trying. Especially if there is an audience. Seats are still available.


Roses are over me

From nipple to crotch

Violets are next

Do you wanna watch?


The Other Side of the Mountain

Sometimes, expectations are a fantasy unto all your own. We miss what is available in the other half of the world. We may never know where our true happiness lies if we don’t open our eyes. True love isn’t born out of loneliness. It comes from not being afraid of who we really are.


Roses are drunk

Violets don’t have a clue

You can’t be a dick

That is why I love you


Under the Rainbow

The same freedom goes for men. Why limit ourselves if we are not finding what we need deeply in our lives. Find where you belong. Don’t let others dictate who you are. Only you can answer that question.


Roses are many colors

Violets can be bi-

Disregard the others

Let my rainbow flag fly



The sharing of love without boundaries has been around for centuries in one form or another. Both sides have their proponents and detractors. Neither side is for everyone. And, in this crazy world, we can all use the support.


Roses, violets and roses

Coming together as family

He, she and he can join

On that we can agree


What new and exciting thing will you be doing this Valentine’s Day?