Incarcerated Love… Are These People For Real?

Love in prison is as real and common as one would think, and as I write this I realize that this description may be a little ambiguous. But, jump below to see some of the most infamous tales of incarcerated love and you will see just how common it is, or maybe you won’t. Honestly, I don’t care.

Incarcerated Love…Are These People For Real?

Robert Torres

The curious case of a man that is serving four concurrent life sentences for aggravated sexual assault, including the rape of Texas nurse Lori Williams at knife-point while her two daughters slept in a room nearby. His other victims included a 63-year-old woman and her 16-year-old granddaughter. He was able to set up a profile on through a complex system of pen pals and broken internal prison regulations.

According to Charlotte Barlow, a criminologist from the University of Birmingham, “Prisoners corresponding with the public can be a useful rehabilitation tool, reduce re-offending and can enhance prisoners mental health and well-being.” But in reference to Torres, Barlow added, “Prolific sex offenders such as this are often seeking to gain power and control over their victims and are often very manipulative, therefore the fact that he is able to actively seek a romantic relationship is concerning when considering his offending history.”

Jodi Arias

As the Daily Mail reported last month, infamous convicted murderer and reality courtroom television star Jodi Arias was recently planning to marry behind bars.

After months of deliberations, a second jury failed to reach a unanimous decision — 11-1 in favor of death. The 11 jurors who wanted the death penalty said the holdout juror had an agenda and was sympathetic to Arias. The prosecutor in the trial, Juan Martinez, later wrote that the juror had fallen in love with Arias in spite of the gruesome evidence that convicted her.

Martinez added that Arias was able to turn on the charm to manipulate those around her.

“She’s very gifted at being deceitful,” he remarked.

Arias’ own defense lawyer, L. Kirk Nurmi, said his client would “get what she wants by using her sexuality” as he revealed she had tried to flirt and charm him to manipulate him into doing what she wanted.

Steven Avery

Famed subject of the breakout Netflix documentary “Making A Murderer” lost much of his humanity while incarcerated under less than clear speculations, including accusations of a cover-up.

He lost friends, coworkers and even a wife, but while in prison and fighting for his innocence, Avery happened to connect with a pen pal and the two quickly formed a relationship. It wasn’t until added pressure from law enforcement and attorneys that the two finally separated, leaving this ambiguous case left in the air.

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