TBT – Roswell And The Continued Dispute Of Aliens

If you had to associate a place in the United States to UFOs and aliens, you’d probably name Roswell, New Mexico. This city is synonymous to creatures not from Earth because of a crash that happened on a farm near Roswell. This crash is what made many people believe that alien lifeforms could exist. To be specific, this event happened on July 7, 1947, which was 69 years ago today. Let’s take a look back at the details surrounding this crash on this Throwback Thursday.

Discovering Debris

The debris from the crash of the UFO was found by a rancher named W.W. “Mack” Brazel as he was surveying the damage to his sheep after a thunderstorm. Upon closer inspection, he found a trench that was a few hundred feet long. Not only was this trench suspicious, but the metal pieces from the wreck were odd-looking, too. Brazel took some of the pieces to a friends’ house. It was these friends (the Proctor family) who revealed they thought he had found pieces of a UFO spacecraft. This theory was plausible because several other alien sightings had been reported in the United States that summer.

Authorities Get Involved

A book by Don Schmitt and Kevin Randle, “A History of UFO Crashes,” reveals that radars controlled by the military had been tracking UFOs near Roswell for a few days. The radar shows that one such object crashed on July 4, 1947. There was an eyewitness, William Woody, who saw a bright object heading towards the ground. It was when Woody tried to investigate the area near the crash that he was stopped by military personnel and asked to leave the area.

The Proctors encouraged Brazel to report his findings to the proper authorities in Roswell. Maj. Jesse Marcel was the intelligence officer who went to check out the site and debris that Brazel had pulled onto his property. Marcel remarked that it definitely looked like something had exploded above the ground and came crashing down. He recorded that the debris was about as thin as a piece of tinfoil and indestructible. Some of the pieces also had unrecognizable characters in different colors. Marcel did not recognize any of this debris as belonging to an aircraft, weather balloon or rocket.

Were Bodies Found?

Unless this UFO was some sort of unmanned spacecraft, someone had to be flying it. While there is no direct evidence to support this, there were some suspicious calls and disappearances reported around the time of the Roswell crash. A mortician named Glenn Dennis said he received a call from the mortician at the local military base about how to preserve a body that had been exposed to external elements for a few days, as well as needing small, hermetically sealed coffins. Dennis visited the base’s hospital and said he saw debris; the same sort that Marcel had described. While he was chatting with a friend he knew there, military personnel asked him to leave. That same friend who Dennis was talking to drew a picture of the strange bodies she saw brought in. Shortly after this, she was transferred to England and was not heard from again.


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