Here Comes The Swim – Victoria’s Secret Swim Special Not Very Special

While most of the country is bundled up inside half-freezing, Victoria’s Secret is preparing for another one of their “Here Comes The Swim” events, where they reveal yet another stream of “new” swimsuits and work to set unrealistic standards for women all around the world. A brand built on the classic marketing technique that if you show attractive people using a product it subconsciously tells consumers they will somehow look more attractive wearing it, this Victoria’s Secret swim special is sure to be full of allegedly ground-breaking new styles, overly-revealing two-pieces and of course a side of transparent sexuality.

Victoria’s Secret Swim Special

Proclaimed to be the sexiest swim show of the year, the Victoria’s Secret Swim Special is scheduled to air Wednesday, March 9 on CBS. It promises to deliver the latest and sexiest swimwear to all its viewers. Of course, this swimwear will be put on display by professional super models to ensure women get an accurate view of how it will look on them. Or, more honestly so that women will get a flawed view of how it will look on them and buy it anyways. After all, with enough money behind a marketing campaign, anything can be the hip new thing.

Marketing At Its Best

It may be a bit overused, but the reality is that sex sells. Since they specialize in woman’s underwear, Victoria’s Secret gets to take full advantage of this simple marketing reality and they really set the bar for other companies to follow. The human brain is a complex piece of machinery, but the truth is it can be programmed like anything else. Realizing how susceptible it is to this programming, companies like Victoria’s Secret look to use swim specials and other fashion events to instruct viewers on what is meant to be considered sexy. They use all the right terms and follow simply body language cues to make sure their models can convey an overtly sexual vibe. From there, it’s just a matter of capitalizing on this feeling.

Not only do they have the advantage of super-models, who are able to work professionally to ensure their bodies meet the specific standards outlined by these companies, but they also pull from outside talent as well. Namely, this year’s show is going to feature both Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas, each of whom add their own level of sex appeal to the mix. And of course, the consumers eat it all up, thinking in the back of their mind that if all these beautiful people like this event so much it must be the way to go. Maybe even if they wear some of these new Victoria’s Secret styles they can be sexy too.

But They Really Have New Stuff!

Of course, some readers might feel like this is a bit harsh. After all, you religiously follow each Victoria’s Secret swim special and you know for sure that they are releasing some new styles this year. Are they really though? Has the bikini somehow magically changed shape? Did they invent some new color coordination that has never been seen before in the history of fashion? If you really look at it, you’ll undoubtedly realize that the answer is “no.”


Are you going to watch the Victoria’s Secret Swim Special this year? If so, what reason do you feel makes it relevant to watch? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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