You Won’t Believe How Great These Crazy Sports Are!

Everyone knows about skateboarding, skydiving or mixed martial arts. Extreme sports in every sense of the word. But did you know there are even stranger, more extreme sports out there? Sports that usually take a preconceived notion and add swords or speed leaving a bastard-son of pure epicness. Read on for a few of our favorite crazy-ass sports.

Medieval MMA

“A Full Combat Tournament Between Armored Knights.” If that isn’t enough to make your man-bun tingle, then I don’t know what is. Just to clarify: Yes, medieval MMA is a real thing, no matter how small. We’re talking hack and slash, face bash, the clinking and clanging of steel and wood. The real deal.

Championships are held all around the world, with some resulting in a 32-person battle royale, but a specific form of the sport, the “M-1 Medieval” tournament, recently received a bit of the spotlight when videos surfaced and spread like wildfire all across social media.

Originally created as a one-off experiment to fill time and provide entertainment between regular MMA fights, organizers of M-1 Medieval found that the audience supported the medieval battles almost as much as the card holder bouts themselves, and they are now seeking international partnerships to further expand the tournament and legitimize the sport.

Wingsuit Racing

As if skydiving wasn’t enough, some brilliant daredevil said, “Why not create a suit that gives us the ability to glide along cliff-sides at breakneck speeds without using a parachute?” Then Red Bull got involved and made a whole race about it. Becoming increasingly more popular online, thanks to viral videos, the recent craze of wingsuit racing has grown through both legitimate, corporate-sponsored events and the significantly more deadly underground enthusiast circles. How does zipping past tree tops at 140 miles per hour sound?

Competitive Arm Wrestling

With consistent forces reaching the hundreds of pounds, the age-old, fistfight-instigating, trench warfare-belaying, man’s man’s sport of arm wraslin’ is no joke. What better way to beat the bad guy and steal his girl than to best him in a game of arms? This sport, which has now seen its own television docu-series on AMC, is just as intense to watch as it is to participate in.

There are legitimate world championships and even a hall of fame populated by heavyweights that both revolutionized the industry and propelled their influence for generations to come. It isn’t just an obscure pissing competition, no, this is a well-oiled machine of machismo and confidence. Science and peak physical training. Winner takes all and loser checks into a physical rehabilitation clinic.

Competitive Jousting

Hailing, yet again from the realm of medieval fantasy is a growing resurgence in competitive jousting. We aren’t talking about a modernized version of the brutal competition. This isn’t your grandfather’s stick poking exercise. This is two fierce competitors colliding into each other with the force of a small car accident.

Shattered shoulders and collarbones are par for the course, as is an overall tolerance to extreme pain, but more importantly this sport relies heavily on full mind and body strength. Precision to hit a target the size of a silver dollar at speed and through a gallop white using every muscle, from your legs, to your core, to your arms to waylay your opponent.

This sport too saw its own short-lived television docuseries, this time on the History Channel, only solidifying its legitimacy and legacy as possibly the manliest of manly sports this world has to offer.


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