What the Hell?… Disgusting Canned Foods

Disgusting canned foods?  Sort of depends on where you grew up or what mom served on the dinner table. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, disgusting is in the stomach of the eater. Did you have to eat any of the following canned foods so children wouldn’t starve in Korea?

Russian Herring

Teeth?  Really?  Is this for people who have lost their teeth and need help chewing their food?  Did anyone make sure the herring was dead before it was canned? I would hate to literally fight my meal for my meal if it was still alive. This is one disgusting canned food that tops my list.

Powdered horse milk

This is less disgusting and more of a why? I understand breast milk or cow milk or even goat milk. But who drinks horse milk? Notice they go out of their way to let us know that absolutely no ponies were used in creating this horse milk. Can ponies even create milk? Don’t they have to be — like — mature? And why is that horse on the can laughing at us?

Creamed Possum

I do like my corn creamed. I like cream in my coffee. I even like sour cream. But, creamed possum? This is one case where I don’t need to try it to say I won’t like it. Go ahead. You try it and let me know. And I love it when manufacturers put happy little images of the critters we are to eat showing us they are more than happy to let us eat them. Don’t you just want to make his day?

Grasshopper ale

I was hoping this was just a trendy name for a new microbrew. But, I don’t think so from the picture. With this one, I might let a few micrograms touch my tongue just to see what it tastes like. After all, ale is beer, isn’t it? And I can only hope the little grasshopper legs that went into making it will let me jump higher. Let me drink enough and I can believe anything. LeBron James, here I come.

Pork brains

I hear that brains of any kind are actually nutritious. Especially if picked fresh from the skull. Taste? I don’t know. I’m not a zombie. Don’t want to be.

Final digusting canned foods…Spotted dick

Go ahead. Snicker. Laugh out loud. I’m sure there are people out there who would like to try it just because of the name. Not me. This is not an image I want to carry around with me. Now that we have had our juvenile moment, spotted dick is a British pudding. Really. And I don’t know who Dick was or why he is honored so. Another image I don’t want.


Which disgusting canned food would you be willing to try on a dare?  Or several beers?