Holy Cow…This Is Real UFO Stuff!

According to a recent report by Mirror.co.uk, there may be a big development for conspiracy theorists around the world. Apparently, a former US Navy officer (who wishes to remain anonymous) has reported that during his time in the military he never actually witnessed any aliens or UFOs, but he did see “tens of thousands” of documents claiming they are not only real, but they have also visited earth. Among the claims that he is backing, the infamous Suffolk UFO sighting in England may actually have some weight to it.

Suffolk UFO Sightings

In December 1980, dozens of witnesses around Suffolk made reports about strange lights in the sky and real UFO sightings. The conspiracy theorist’s report talks about an incident in the Rendlesham forest, where the alleged alien sightings and landing took place. This event was so big, that many around the world actually look at it as the British equivalent of Roswell. According to the naval officer who has come forward, another military officer with a higher security clearance than his actually told him in detail that the Rendlesham incident was very real and aliens were involved. Oh, and that’s not all.

The Real UFO Reports

While the higher security clearance might have given his senior some insight, the anonymous naval man also has seen his fair share of real UFO reports. According to his recounting of service, there was no shortage of evidence to point towards aliens and since his confidentiality agreement expired in 2014, he is now free to discuss it. When asked to provide this evidence, he pointed out that taking physical documents would equate to treason, which is quite a serious felony. In other words, he expects people to go on his word alone because he has the security clearance to back it.

Maybe Just Insanity?

Of course, an objective thinker would still want to take a step back and ask some very important questions. To begin with, how is this any different than those “lunatics” who claim to have sighted aliens themselves? After all, it is simply a group of people who claim they have seen reports of alien activity. Isn’t it possible these reports never actually existed? Or, is it also not possible that they might have just seen theoretical documents about the existence of aliens? After all, there have been zombie response procedures put into place by various governments in the past and this doesn’t mean that zombies actually exist.

What it ultimately comes down to is whether or not you are willing to accept the word of a naval officer who is refusing to even reveal his own identity. Sure, he might want to remain anonymous to avoid any professional repercussions, but he also might not even exist in the first place. Virtually anyone today can fabricate evidence convincingly enough that a segment of the internet population would accept it, so maybe this story is just an attempt to make a more realistic UFO claim. Heck, even if the officer in question does exist and really believes that he saw real UFO documents, does that mean it is true?


Do you think there are real UFO reports that the governmen222t is hiding from us? Have you or anyone else seen an actual UFO? Let us know your thoughts below!




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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