You’ve undoubtedly seen your share of crazy weather, but when you look around the world in 2015 and consider some of the events that have taken place, you have to wonder how bad it can really get. While some areas get record temperature highs and others get lows, while some sea levels drop and others rise, it can be hard to make sense of it all. If you are interested in some yearly highlights, here are a few crazy weather conditions that happened this year.

Outrageously Powerful Blizzards

2015 started out with a bang, or more accurately a freeze. Some of the major northeastern US cities were afflicted with severe blizzards. In fact, seven of the states had to declare a state of emergency and thousands of flights were cancelled. It looked like the year was off to an extraordinarily cold start.

The California Drought

Cities all around the United States go in and out of drought conditions on a somewhat regular occurrence. This is primarily due to changing rainfall conditions by season and by year, but sometimes those conditions get even worse than usual. In this case, California is actually in its fourth straight year of drought. At the start of 2015, they declared a state of emergency and still are suffering from unbelievably dry conditions, leading to challenges for many parts of the state.

Flooding in Southern India

While Southern India might face the occasional flood, November, 2015 saw some unusual rain activity. In this case, unusual means non-stop, and many of the cities were just not ready to handle this. Areas like Chennai, Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh were severely flooded and many citizens were displaced as a result.

Lots of Tropical Cyclones in Eastern Hemisphere

Though March does normally see some tropical storm activity around Australia, March of 2015 was a bit on the overactive side. It might have been normal for the cyclone Olwyn when it made a landfall in Australia, but at the same time Nathan decided to jump on board to make one landfall, take a U-turn, and then make another landfall. Not too far away, Cyclone Pam decided to rain down on Vanuatu while Bavi moved leisurely over the western Pacific. Needless to say, having four in the area at once isn’t a typical occurrence.

Western US Sees Record-Breaking Heat

June, July, August, September, October, November and December: what do they all have in common for 2015? They brought with them record-breaking heat, which definitely makes it difficult for those who continue to insist global warming is not occurring. Of course, what makes this stranger is December seemed to split things in two, with the western coast getting unusually cold weather while the east continued to break those records. Apparently, it is more due to an El Nino like condition in the area.

It will be interesting  to see what 2016 brings for weather. With these strange trends there’s no telling what Mother Nature will dish out.


Did you see any crazy weather where you live this year? Hear about any other insane stories in the news? Let us know in the comments below!




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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