Drone use has most certainly increased over the last several years as they have become more prevalent on store shelves and online. There are also drones all over the price spectrum so even novice flyers can pick up a cheap one to fly around the house. While the most common drone use for the majority of owners remains bugging household pets and relatives, there are some owners who have come up with some very strange uses for their drone. Let’s take a look at the weirdest uses for drones we could find. This should get your creative juices flowing!

1. Pulling Teeth

Can you remember the fear of pulling out your first tooth? Sure, the first couple were scary, but by that fifth tooth, you started to get crafty. Tying a string to your tooth and a doorknob, anyone? That method seems almost medieval when compared with what one uncle did for his nephew who had a loose tooth. Instead of finding the nearest doorknob, Paul Borrud went straight for his drone. He tied some dental floss to his nephew’s tooth and counted down to liftoff. The flight went smoothly and the tooth came out without a hitch. Thanks to Borrud, I think there will be a lot more drone pilots certified in tooth-pulling out there.

2. Champagne Delivery

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Unless the drone that is delivering champagne to you crash lands on your face. Guests willing to take that risk at the Marquee nightclub in Las Vegas can have a cold bottle of bubbly delivered to them via drone. There is a price for this special drone use, however. Qualifying connoisseurs must purchase at least $20,000 worth of alcohol at the club. Not having to get off of your pool lounger for a refreshing glass of champagne? Priceless.

3. Do You Really Need a Best Man?

One of the best man’s most important duties during a wedding is holding the bride’s wedding band. While they aren’t necessarily involved with the proposal, this guy makes a case for mid-wedding ring delivery by drone. Jason Muscat of San Francisco hired a wedding photographer familiar with the gadgets to fly a drone carrying an engagement ring and taking video before proposing to his beloved. Like a modern day stork, but for engagements, the drone landed near the couple, Muscat untied the ring and proposed. Oh, and the couple has a beautiful video of the entire event, too.

4. Dry Cleaning Delivery

Cross one errand off of your to-do list forever if you live in Philadelphia. Manayunk Cleaners, located in the City of Brotherly Love, now offers dry cleaning delivery by drone. While this service is meant for emergency orders that customers need just as rush hour hits, a case can be made for everyday deliveries as well. Currently, the dry cleaning drone can only carry light items, but Harry Vartanian, the owner of Manayunk Cleaners, is aiming to deliver ten pounds of clothing by drone one day.



What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever used a drone for?




Kirstin Wright
Kirstin Wright
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