9-5-16, Nat’l Cheese Pizza Day… What Cheese Is Best On Your Pizza?

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9-5-16, Nat’l Cheese Pizza Day… What Cheese Is Best On Your Pizza?

It’s National Pizza Day and science has taken a look at which pizza is best for us. Maybe not in a healthy way but at least for the best enjoyment. A study at the University of Auckland in New Zealand has given us more reason to contemplate one of our favorite food groups.

The Cheeses

Evidently, not all cheese is the same. The study took a look at seven different cheeses to see which performed the best. They are: Mozzerella, cheddar, Colby, Edam, Emmental, Gruyere and provolone. Each one performs different than the other. Which works out best is a matter of choice. Some things to consider for Cheese Pizza Day are…


It is important that we stretch in all the right places. It would not do if something slipped out and things started coming unglued right in our hands. Think of the mess we would have if we tried to keep all that was trying to escape within our hand’s grasp. You do know I am talking about pizza, don’t you?

Science has found Edam, cheddar and Colby have the least elasticity of the seven cheeses and they do not form blisters as much as the other cheeses. Keep that in mind for Cheese Pizza Day.

Free Oil

No, that doesn’t mean the right kind of price at the gas station. It refers to the ability to limit evaporation of the moisture to prevent browning. Gruyere, Emmental and provolone browns the least.  Mozzarella, I guess, is a blistering baby when it comes to playing with fire. Me personally, I like mine well done. Why heat the oven if you aren’t going to do some hot cookin’? Bring Cheese Pizza Day on.

Size Matters

Size does matter but not in the way you think. Scientists found that larger pizzas have a lower concentration of toppings though they are more evenly spread out. The smaller pizzas, on the other hand, have more toppings per bite.  So ladies, do you want a large bite with more dough or smaller bites with more meat to them for your Cheese Pizza Day?  Thought so.

Best Choice?

The correct scientific answer is none of them… by themselves. But, team two of them together and you can get the best of both worlds on Cheese Pizza Day. Mozzarella seems to be the consensus choice for the first cheese. The second depends on what you want out of your pizza. If you want less blistering on your pizza, combine it with cheddar for that evenly smooth texture. If you want less browning, add provolone to your pizza.

Two things that make me curious about this study. One, did anyone ever think to include taste as one of the qualifiers? I don’t really care if it has a blister or an owie, if it tastes great, I’ll eat it. Does your pizza have too much of a suntan? Too bad, pass your share over to me.


Lastly, does anyone put cheddar on their pizzes?  On purpose?  Really?