In recent years, no single company has had an impact on television like Netflix. Offering viewers a low-cost monthly subscription and access to some of their favorite TV shows on demand, this unique platform has become a cultural sensation. Of course, the thing that has really helped it stand apart is all of the original content. Regardless of whether it is original or not, here are the Top 5 Netflix Science Fiction series available to watch now.

5. “Sense 8”

A Netflix original series, “Sense 8” follows in the footsteps of many great science fiction shows and instead of focusing purely on the fiction of science and technology, there are some supernatural elements to the show. More specifically, the series follows a group of “sensates,” each linked to one another in an unknown fashion. Without spoiling too much, the show revolves around these individuals as they try to discover how this connection began. Able to draw from each other’s experience and knowledge, it sets up an exciting premise and is definitely worth your time to watch.

4. “Dark Matter”

This gem was originally aired on the Space channel in Canada and features a compelling story line that includes science fiction with a touch of horror. It follows a group of strangers on a ship out in deep space. Of course, since none of them can remember who they are or why they got there, it makes for some interesting character development.

3. “Star Trek: The Original Series”

If you haven’t watched the original Star Trek series before, then you either hate science fiction or you have no respect for the history of the genre. OK -that might be a bit extreme, but there is really no excuse not to watch this gem by now. Whether you are looking for some nostalgia from your childhood or you just want to go back to the roots of most modern space-based sci-fi, Star Trek is sure to be a great starting point. Sure, the special effects are terrible, and sometimes the acting is just as bad, but the science fiction aspect is hard to match.

2. “Firefly”

What happens when you combine the allure of the old west with outer space and mix in some exceptional science fiction plot points? Nothing short of a masterpiece, which is what you get with “Firefly.” Why the show only had one season is beyond reasonable explanation, but this show is definitely worth the watch. If you’re looking for a great Netflix science fiction series, this is a great place to start.

1. “Stranger Things”

If you are unsure of where those strange pictures on your Facebook news feed are coming from, the answer is probably “Stranger Things.” This show is one of the most exciting series to come out in recent years and after you get through the eight episodes, you will be undoubtedly itching for more. Taking place in the 1980’s and offering a whole host of welcome science fiction tropes, any sci-fi lover will find this well worth the watch. Those after an original Netflix science fiction series aren’t likely to find anything better anytime soon.


Do you agree with the order of this list? Is there anything else on Netflix right now that you think deserves to be included instead? Let us know what you think in the comments below!




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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