We’ve all been there. Bad service at a sit-down event, or maybe the poor saps at your local fast food joint forgot both pickles and tomatoes on your burger. Sometimes you just want to punch something in the face (hopefully you aren’t near any small animals or children). But, that moment is just a small adventure in the miasma that is shitty customers.

That poor sap on the other end of the aisle just got chewed-out by his boss about not wearing the correct shade of black pants to work that day. Maybe his/her car broke down on the way in and they walked the rest of the distance just to show up. Now you come in complaining about pickles.

I’d do much worse to customers if I was in this poor sap’s shoes (and I am in those shoes quite often at the day job).

These workers found much more clever ways to go about things. Simple, passive-aggressive insults printed out, where most people won’t even notice them, on customer’s receipts.

Worst Receipt Scandals Or Adventures In Insulting Bad Customers

What began our interest in this funny, yet often disrespectful kind of prank was a story out of Richmond, Virginia. A group of diners was enjoying some food at a local Chinese restaurant when one of the members of the group got a little “know-it-all”-esque with the server.

The server responded with a quick quip and a subtle nod (bad choice of words) to the size of the man’s manhood, or lack thereof.

The man with the small, yoohoo, said he spoke with the manager and was a little surprised by his answer.

“They always do that. I’ve told them so many times,” said manager Qian Cheng. “And they did it again.”

They did indeed, Mr. Cheng.

For most men, and for this customer, the insults, although insulting at the time, only get funnier as the days pass and unless this man wen’t out and subsequently purchased the largest truck he could find, then I’m sure he and his friends are still laughing about it today.

But, some of these insults are flat out messed up. Take this one:

No woman likes to be called fat, and this server crossed the line when he used such an unoriginal insult to identify a table at which three curvy ladies sat. In his defense, I heard Jeff meant “phat” as in “big time” or “show-stealer” or possibly “having their own gravitational pull.”

But how far do some of these go?

Let’s find out…

For anyone looking for a “disease free no crab zone.”

Sometimes it’s just simple sexual harassment. A man’s gotta take a compliment though. What? Were you thinking this receipt was for a lady customer? Well, you sexist jerk!

…and sometimes it’s not even an insult, but rather a small subtle clue to contact your cashier for further “service.”


Have you ever had a run-in with a particularly unrelenting server? Did your feewings get hurt? Do you have the visual evidence to prove it? We want to know! Send us a screenshot, comment below, and share on Facebook!