Summer Food Trends….What Should You Bring To The Picnic?

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Summer Food Trends….What Should You Bring To The Picnic?

Right now, it isn’t hard to realize that people are all about healthy eating. Whether it is one of those annoying Facebook friends who started a new MLM and can’t shut up about her products, or its a commercial you see on TV advertising how these “new and improved” products have less fat, less sodium, less carbs and are all-around less delicious (they leave that part out), you just can’t escape it. Even those fun videos that are floating around social media of delicious bacon-wrapped everything are being replaced with more and more videos of healthy smoothies, kale salads and other foods meant for the rabbits. Knowing how obsessed the world seems to be with these healthy foods, you might want to consider some of the trendy items for this year’s picnic.

Try A “Delicious” Salad

According to health nuts, salads are another delicious option to consider. Consisting of green things and filled with tasteless foods like cucumbers, avocados and chia seeds, these salads are a big deal right now. Whether you make a small one for yourself or you decide to use a giant bowl and throw a few bags of that grass in there, you can all chomp down and pretend to enjoy how great it is to be healthy. But don’t worry; none of your health-conscious friends will tell you the truth about how awful it tastes.

Bring On The Fruit

Offering a little bit of flavor and some actual decent options, fruit is another big thing that is “in” right now. Specifically, if you put on a picnic with some melons (because everyone loves sugar and water), you can be sure that it will be a real hit. Peaches are another summer favorite, and apparently people are putting them in yogurt. Of course, make sure not to get the flavored yogurt. Instead, get that plain, Greek yogurt, because that is “healthier” somehow. On the other hand, you can keep things simple by just sticking to berries. Blueberries are always a good option because they are rich in antioxidants (like you even know what an antioxidant is).

Maybe Be Normal Instead

Of course, you could just forget about these trends and just live your life like a normal person instead. It’s a unique concept, but those who do it often find they really enjoy their lives. Take a nice peanut butter and jelly sandwich to the park with you and don’t worry about whether it is that gross “natural” peanut butter. Instead, make sure it is that highly processed glob that really offers a delicious taste. While you’re at it, make sure to pack in some delicious chips, fried to perfection and offering the most unnatural flavor available. Sure, your picnic might not be trendy, but you will actually enjoy the food.


What do you think about this healthy eating trend that has become so popular? Do you actually enjoy any of the healthy options more than the unhealthy ones? Let us know what you think below.




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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