All of the cool kids are using Snapchat today. Whether it is to send a quick pic of that new pair of shoes, give your significant other a fast tease, or even just share with your best friend that you are on the toilet after eating a Chipotle burrito, Snapchat is an absolute must for today’s smart phone owner. In one of their more recent updates, they made things even more fun for the average user, offering some new filters in the form of “lenses” that allow you to get animated over everyday life. If you haven’t updated your app to use these new lenses, then good luck making it through this article before jumping on your phone to do so.

Put Those Unicorns To Shame

Everyone today knows that unicorns can poop out rainbows, but perhaps one of the most interesting new lenses is the magical rainbow vomit one. This one puts you at a level above those majestic unicorns, allowing you to vomit out rainbows on request. Sure, it would be much cooler if you could actually vomit out rainbows, but at least this filter allows you to feel like you can. And sometimes that is enough.

Looking To Scare Someone?


If this filter doesn’t work to scare your friends, then your friends aren’t human. Be honest. You probably just soiled yourself due to the included .gif about this filter. So, share the love by sending your best friend one of these chats not. Just make sure you are getting the facial movement right for the maximum fear factor.

Hasta La Vista Snapchat

Let’s face it. If you have ever seen Terminator (who hasn’t?) then you have thought about how cool it would be to become an actual terminator. After all, these machines are ridiculously hard to kill, don’t really ever die of natural causes, and can do all sorts of physical feats that you could never accomplish. Sure, you would be a mindless killer of humanity, but at least you would have all of those cool things too,  right? Well, maybe it’s best not to be an actual terminator, but this neat Snapchat filter at least lets you feel like one for a short while.

Full Look At Lenses

If you are looking for a more detailed look at these different filters, this video by Jenna Ezarik is sure to do the trick. It goes through all of the new lenses and provides you a preview of what you can expect. Of course, only time will tell just how creative people will get when using these lenses.


Have you gotten to test out this new Snapchat lens feature? What creative ways have you started using the lenses in your everyday interactions? Do you think this update is pointless? Let us know what you think below!




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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