Wacky Pet Haircuts…Are They Too Much?

Getting a haircut is part of many pet’s lives. Most pets grow their hair continuously and this needs to be cut regularly. The schedule varies depending on your pet breed. A poodle or shih tzu may need to have their hair cut twice a month, while other pets may never see sheers near their beloved coats.

Pet owners follow a grooming regimen that includes not only having their pet’s hair cut but also brushing their hair, trimming their nails, and bathing. Grooming is one of a pet’s basic needs. Other than maintaining their physical appearance, proper grooming may also affect a pet’s self-confidence, much like how a haircut affects your self-esteem.

If you were a pet and had hair dos like these, would you still be confident?

DIY Haircut

This is the reason you should just leave the hair cutting to the professionals.

But then again, maybe not?

Mohawk Cut

This haircut may be fitting for the summer, but it still looks pretty wacky. And it seems to be popular among these animals.

Hello, punk cat!

Does this new multi-colored mohawk fit me or was my owner bluffing?

Or how about just orange?

Lion Cut

The lion cut is popular among some pet owners. Here’s proof.

First up are the “liondogs.” Roarf?

The lion cut is popular among dogs. But the real felines won’t be left behind on this hair trend. Say hello to the “lioncats.”

Dragon Cut

I don’t know if the lioncats were very pleased with their haircut, but this one seems to be content with looking like a dragon.

Beehive Cut

Here’s another cool cat sporting a rather edgy haircut.

Afro Fowls

If the lion cut is popular among dogs and cats, the Afro cut is the in thing for these fowls.

Meet Afro chicken.

Say hi to “Afro-mohawk chicken”.

Have you met Afro bird?

How about Afro duck?

Yes, we do understand these are actual breeds of chickens and ducks who have not been to the hairstylist.

Geometric Cuts

Last but certainly not least are these haircuts that first became a hit in Asia and recently became popular in America – the geometric cuts. Pet owners have been giving their pets haircuts that turned their heads into squares or circles. You’ll see what I mean below.

Square Cut

Circle Cut


Do you know of any other wacky pet haircuts we haven’t covered here? Have you ever given your pet a wacky haircut? Keep the list going by sharing some pictures on our Facebook page.

Additional Image: Zimbio



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