You might have a cool pet, but it is probably safe to say it’s not as cool as this flying cat. In a daring and exciting maneuver, this cat puts all human daredevils to shame as he soars through the sky on the wings of an airplane. Safety equipment? Not for this cat.

Taking to the Skies

After hiding in the wing of the plane and waiting for take-off, this feline adventurer crawls out to enjoy the fresh air from a higher altitude. Look at her grace as she gazes ahead, no seat belt or safety harness to hold her in place. Yet, she holds herself up with an unshakable poise, facing forward, and ready to take on the skies. Her unwavering demeanor puts her up with the greatest cat legends and she serves as an inspiration for all young kittens.

Who is this Mysterious Flying Cat?

Flying Cat

If you watched the video, you are likely wondering: who is this mysterious daredevil? Did she spend her entire kitten-hood training for this type of stunt? Was she naturally gifted with this unshakable courage and keen sense of adventure? Unfortunately, the world may never know, as upon landing this inspiring feline leader left the scene without any comment on her past.

Does She Train Other Cats?

Since she was not around to talk to after the landing, it’s difficult to know, but it can be surmised she might have other pupils out there who share her sense of adventure. Perhaps this daredevil cat walking along the edge of a tall building takes some lessons in courage and bravery from this flying cat.

If not Junior, then perhaps this hood cat takes some lessons.

Perhaps this is how she starts out her pupils, encouraging them to get used to the higher winds on a vehicle before exposing them to the open air from the wings of a plane.

Maybe It Was A Mistake

Of course, the most popular theory is this was all actually a mistake. Even the original video poster seems to think this mysterious adventurer just stumbled into the plane’s wing and took a nap. If this were the case, then she had no idea what she was getting involved in.

If you want to believe this, then go ahead and do so. In all reality, that is probably what she would want you to think anyways. Cats are a secretive people, and most likely she is annoyed that people found out about her brazen approach to adventure. Regardless, she got to experience the air as a flying cat, showing the world that a cat is truly capable of just as much as a human is.


What do you think? Was this cat a daring adventurer or did she just stumble into the wrong place at the wrong time? Let us know your theories below! 

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Joseph Macolino
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