With many scientists claiming earth is going to hell in a hand basket (or, whatever climate change they are warning about), it is important private citizens start learning how to live off the land. Unlike many newfangled technologies that could fail us at any time, people need to just return to a more primitive time and learn how to fend for themselves. This might seem like a new concept, but really it’s green, the old way.

Use Natural Medicine

Did you know, there are actually a variety of weeds that can be extremely helpful in treating common problems you might encounter? Most people are already familiar with plants like aloe, which offer great relief to burns. This is just the beginning though. Did you know the common platain weed actually offer antiseptic properties to treat injuries? For pain relief, check out white willow tree bark, and get the same affects as aspirin.

Eat Natural Foods

No, I don’t mean go to a grocery store and buy organic foods. After all, how does that grocery store get deliveries? Trucks. These massive vehicles put off way too much in carbon emissions. Not to mention the emissions from the store. Instead, grow your own food. But some heirloom seeds, which will allow you to use grown vegetables to constantly have a crop yield.

Of course, living off vegetables alone will be tough, so you should probably learn how to forage too. Eating earthworms can be highly nutritious, and so can many other grubs you might find in the field. By eating in this way, you are making sure you don’t upset the balance of nature.

Don’t Waste Water

The city water supply is hardly something you want to trust, so it’s best if you start getting your own water supply. Set up a rain catch system so you can naturally use water from the sky. This must be better than that horrible city water and you’ll never worry about wasting it. If you can, set up a well on your property and get extra water that way.

Speaking of wasting water…

Nature Offers Relief

With all of this focus on nature, it’s time that you forget about using toilets. Toilets are a terrible waste of water, using gallons each and every day, which is very harmful to the environment. If you really care about reducing your impact on the earth, you better learn the cat method. What is the cat method?

Get yourself a shovel, dig a hole, pop a squat. Make sure to bury your waste afterwards, and remember to keep track of where you go. You’ll want to separate that from the vegetables you are growing.

Leave Society

With all of these optiona considered, the natural step is to leave society and set up some primitive farm outside normal borders. Find an area where no one will disturb you and make sure to avoid anything made from unnatural materials. Electricity only helps to pollute the environment, and the last thing you want to do is hurt the earth.

Or, maybe you can stop worrying so much about how you will save the environment on a planet that has been around for 4.5 billion years and start worrying about saving yourself.


Do you have an old style green method of living? What method is your favorite for decreasing your carbon footprint?

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Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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