Top 10 Videos of Zoo Animals Being Animals

While most people go to the zoo as a way to take a look at wildlife in a controlled environment, it is easy for them to forget just how wild some of these animals are. People always love to see a good show, or just to watch animals laze about in their artificial habitats as if they don’t have a care in the world. Of course, not all animals are well behaved, and sometimes these zoo animals really put the wild back in captivity. Not sure what this means? Here are 10 of the best YouTube videos demonstrating how wild things can get.

1. Don’t Mess with Gorillas

A gorilla is one of the strongest and most terrifying animals you could encounter in the wilderness. Even when in a zoo, they are known to be very territorial. A child learned this the hard way when she decided to try and show off her chest pounding skills at the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in Omaha. Fortunately, they are designed to take such impacts, but who would blame her for hating gorillas going forward?

2. They Call Them King for a Reason

Apparently, this particular lion was hoping for a quick snack. That glass is probably in place more to protect the people from animals than to actually keep the animals stuck in confinement.

3. This Lion Knows He’s King

Of course, some lions are a bit more refined. Instead of resorting to petty violence, they understand the proper way to remind you of their dominance is to take a nice spray. These glass enclosures are really a good move on the part of the zoos.

4. Tiger Knows What’s Up Too

As if showing how smart glass is, this man makes the mistake at growling at a tiger. Remember, they know how to properly stand up for their honor.

5. That Just Seems Mean

While humans sometimes provoke zoo animals, this one seems a bit petty. Apparently that giraffe did something that upset this ostrich, because it doesn’t look like talking is an option at this point.

6. Zebra Wants a Baby

While other animals want to fight, this zebra prefers to have some less violence exercise. Ah, the beauty of zoo animals; they really don’t care who is watching.

7. This Rhinoceros Letting it Go

Wait for it… Wait for it… And there. This rhino at the San Diego Zoo didn’t care if everyone was watching. Living off the sentiment that “when you gotta go you gotta go,” he carelessly did his business right then and there.

8. This Hippo Wants in

Speaking of poop, this hippo at the Toronto Zoo clearly felt he had to one-up the rhino. Hope you aren’t eating, because things don’t get any better.

9. Monkeys Get Kinky

Apparently, monkeys not only are fine mating while people film them, but they are also perfectly content to eat their own vomit after they throw up. Now this is just getting gross…

10. Monkey Likes Eating His Poop

Well, if you were eating, hopefully it wasn’t chocolate, or anything that even closely resembles that succulent bit of poop this monkey is snacking on. Apparently, humans aren’t the only species that gets into weird stuff and this monkey at Busch Gardens in Tampa wasn’t afraid to chow down.


Do you have any other videos of zoo animals creating mayhem by being themselves? Have you ever been at the zoo and seen an animal acting out of sorts? Let us know your stories below!




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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